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Honors College Student Leadership Opportunities

One of the many benefits of an Honors College education is the guidance you’ll receive from Honors College Teaching Assistants, Student Fellows and Faculty Mentors.  Whether you are a freshman taking HC1000 or a graduating senior getting ready to submit a thesis - The Honors College has all the support you need to succeed.

Teaching Assistants & Student Fellows

Teaching Assistants (TA) are the primary contact for all Honors College freshman during their HC1000 experience.  Honors College Staff are always here to assist you should you need additional support and guidance along the way.

You too can become a Teaching Assistant throughout your Honors College experience.  If you have successfully completed HC1000, meet the minimum 3.5 grade point average requirement, you can apply for this paid position which has a fall semester commitment.  Training sessions are mandatory and take place prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

The TA application process along with other detailed information is also posted during the winter semester in The Honors College "Weekly Announcements" (sent to your Oakland University email). 

Once you have successfully completed this assignment, it opens the doors for many more opportunities not only within The Honors College but within the entire university.  If you would like to apply for a Dean's Student Fellow position, you must have been a TA  (preferably for two years).  Simply check the corresponding box in the linked application


Application for Honors College TA and Dean's Student Fellow




Honors College Ambassadors

Are you interested in being more involved in The Honors College?  Do you want to be a part of a student-run program within the HC?  

The Honors College seeks ambitious, HC upperclassmen to help grow our program.  Within the HC Ambassador program, you would be helping your colleagues run events and brainstorm new ones with the aim of supporting other HC students.  We are in the process of expanding this program and can't wait to see all the new faces.

For more information, please email current Ambassadors
Kendall Binfet [email protected] or
Riley Binfet [email protected]


Honors College Presidential Scholar Internship Program

New in 2024!  An opportunity for six (6) Presidential Scholars to become interns.  This is a non-paid position that offers many benefits as noted below.  We have a rolling application process and will select interns as needed.  If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Dean Anne Jackson:  [email protected]

  1. Transcript will be noted you are an Honors College Intern, as you will have permission to register for a special section of HC 4400: Honors Internship Program.
  2. Be involved on campus in a unique way by assisting as a Honors College student leader at admissions events. You will receive training to prepare for the events.
  3. Your Presidential Scholar Medallion connections activities requirement will be covered in full by completion of this internship!
  4. An amazing opportunity to network with campus partners and enhance your resume with this leadership experience. 
  5. Opportunity to provide student feedback and be a change agent regarding Honors College programs and services to enhance delivery of our programs. 

Presidential Scholar Internship Application

Applebaum Foundation Internship Program

With the support of the Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Family Foundation, The Honors College at Oakland University launched the Applebaum Student Internship Program in March 2021.  This program provides students with an opportunity to spend a calendar year (January-December) working closely with Honors College Facilitators and community organizations in the city of Pontiac.  The mission is to solve problems and build meaningful and sustainable solutions that impact the residents and students in Pontiac.  

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and interviews begin during the fall semester.  The program begins January 1st and ends December 31st.  This award-based program is paid out at completion of the program.

2024 Interns have been selected.  If you are a first, second or third year student and would like to be considered for this internship, please submit your application.  If you are selected for an interview, notifications will be sent during the fall semester. 

Applebaum Intern Coordinator:  Dr. Susan Lynne Beckwith [email protected]


Application for Applebaum Internship Program


Honors College Graduate Assistants

The Honors College selects OU Graduate Students who are working towards their masters in counseling degrees to assist our Counseling office.  The duration of the assignment is two semesters (fall/winter).  Sometimes, there is a need to hire a graduate assistant during the summer semesters as well.  For more information, send an email inquiry to Assistant Dean, Anne Jackson: [email protected]

Interested students should complete an application on Handshake.    
Search Handshake Job Number:  8671977


Join an Honors College Student Organization

Alpha Alpha Alpha

The Honors College is pleased to announce the formation of a new honor society, Alpha Alpha
Alpha (or Tri-Alpha), which recognizes the academic achievements of first-generation college
students.  More information will be forthcoming in the Fall 2024 semester.


Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD provides a community of scholars, a platform to develop your leadership skills, and financial support through scholarships and educational partners.  ALD has been guiding students to academic and career since 1939. More information can be found at GrizzOrgs.


Future Leader Dogs at Oakland University

All students are welcome to become members of Future Leader Dogs at Oakland University.  This club, along with Leader Dog for the Blind work together to select student puppy raisers for a ten-twelve month period.  The puppy will then return to Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, and continue to be trained by professional handlers before serving the visually impaired.  Club members have the opportunity to help raise a puppy or become a "Campus Buddy" (sitter).  Campus Buddies look after a raiser's puppy during certain classes or other times as needed.  The org also host fundraisers and socials throughout the year to raise awareness about the visually impaired community and the importance of Leader Dogs for the Blind.  For more information, please visit our GrizzOrgs.
Future Leader Dogs at Oakland
 Oakland University News


Honors College Student Association 

All HC students are automatically members of The Honors College Student Association (HCSA). HCSA hosts a variety of fun events each year for all Honors College students.  To keep up to date on HCSA events, go to GrizzOrgs  or to learn more, contact [email protected]

Honors College Critical & Creative Society

The Honors College Critical and Creative Society  publishes OU student work in their journal, Echo Cognitio. They accept almost any form of written media including: poetry, short stories, screenplays, and research papers. And for those who don’t enjoy the thrill of writing, they also accept photography and other pieces of graphic art.  Please email your submission(s) and/or your questions to [email protected] 

The Honors College

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