Professional Advisers Council

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For students:

Professional Advisers Council (PAC)

The mission of academic advising at Oakland University is to empower students as they identify, pursue, and achieve goals that prepare them to lead and serve in local and world communities. This is a continuous process of discovery, clarification, and evaluation, whereby professional academic advisers partner with students to identify possibilities, assess alternatives, and weigh the consequences of decisions.

To meet the goal of providing the best possible advising services to students, the Oakland University Professional Advisers Council (PAC) gathers monthly to learn about university updates and initiatives, build a strong community of knowledge and connected professionals, and discuss best advising practices. PAC members also participate in regular training sessions hosted by the Professional Advisers Council Training Committee that further enhances the skill sets and service of professional advisers at OU.

Mission of Professional Advisers Council (PAC)
To increase advising effectiveness at Oakland University by facilitating communication among professional academic advisers.

To work in partnership with other members of the campus community by fostering a collaborative diverse environment that allows professional academic advisers to share information, discuss issues and initiate policy change to enhance campus advising and improve service to students.

To aid in the development of a greater understanding of the role of professional advising in the recruitment, retention, and academic success of Oakland University students.

To support the goals and programs of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).