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Below are some of the most common scenarios you may come across when applying to graduate.

Please remember, if you have questions about your application, please contact OU's Graduation Auditor at If you have questions about your degree requirements; major/minor/concentration issues; or application deficiencies, always contact your academic adviser.

Graduation audit process

Degree audits are conducted during the semester for which you have applied to graduate. If any deficiencies are found with your university general educations requirements you will be notified via your OU email. This audit will also look for holds that will prevent graduation and/or getting transcript/diploma.

We encourage you to access your SAIL account to run a progress to degree as well as meet with your academic adviser to make sure that you have met all of your degree requirements.

After grades are finalized for the semester, the audits will be submitted to the major, minor and concentration academic departments for approval. Please review the undergraduate catalog for specific information about your degree program requirements.

Graduation deficiencies

If you are deficient in any university requirement for your degree, you will receive an email from the Graduation Auditor letting you know what the issue is. Questions regarding university deficiencies should be directed to your academic adviser as soon as possible.

Change of graduation date

If you completed a graduation application and need to change it, please submit the Change Graduation Date form. Once the auditor has removed you from the current graduation list and added you to another you will be contacted with confirmation of the change. You will not need to reapply for graduation. Once you have been moved you may not be put back on the previous list.

Adding a minor, concentration, second major or second degree

See your academic adviser and make sure your program is correct in MySAIL before submitting your application. If it is less than one week before the application deadline, or you have already submitted your application, please email

Change of address

If you change your address on MySAIL after applying for graduation, please email to ensure the mailing address for your diploma is also updated.

Curriculum error

If the curriculum displayed in the application is incorrect, or if you receive a "no curriculum found" error, please email

Transferring credits

If you are taking classes during your final semester at another institution and plan on transferring them to OU to count toward your degree please email the graduation auditor at and let them know your intention to transfer credits over.

Once the semester is over and grades have been posted to your record at the other institution, please have your official transcript sent to or mailed to Academic Records, Office of the Registrar, O'Dowd Hall Room 100, 586 Pioneer Drive, Rochester MI 48309 as soon as possible. Delaying this process may result in deferring your graduation term to the next semester.

If National Student Clearinghouse is an option to send your transcript electronically to OU, choose Academic Records, Office of the Registrar.

How will I know when my degree has been awarded?

Once the semester has ended it takes up to six weeks to post your degree. You can log into your SAIL and view your unofficial transcripts to see when your degree has been posted.

You can also request your official transcripts to be held for release prior to your degree being posted, and once it has been posted it will be mailed to address you request.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed within six to eight weeks after the end of the semester, and are sent to the address you provided in your online graduation application.

Commencement ceremony

Commencement ceremonies are held twice each year to honor our degree candidates. Information about the upcoming ceremonies can be found on the commencement website. Please note that participating in commencement does not guarantee approval of your graduation.

All questions regarding the graduation fair, ceremony tickets, and commencement please contact the Office of the Provost.