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Dae-Kyoo Kim, Ph.D.

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Center, Room 301
115 Library Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-447
(location map)
Dean's Office (248) 370-2217
Academic Advising (248) 370-2201

Dae-Kyoo Kim Headshot Professor
Computer Science and Engineering Department
546B EC; (248) 370-2863; Fax: (248) 370-4625
[email protected]

Ph.D., Colorado State University



  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Software Engineering and Practice
  • Fundamentals of Software Modeling
  • Software Prototyping and Validation
  • SoftwareEngineering
  • Software Verification and Testing


  • Software Design and Specification
  • Pattern-Based Development
  • Aspect-Oriented Design
  • Component-Based Development
  • Access Control Policies
  • Access Control Modeling
  • Smart Grid Data Modeling
  • Internet of Things

“My research focuses on developing reliable,
maintainable, and secure software systems." 
-Dae-Kyoo Kim, 2016

Selected Publications

1. “Model Transformation between OPC UA and UML”, Computer Standards & Interfaces, 2016

2. “Unifying Data Types of IEC 61850 and CIM”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2014

3. “Building Hybrid Access Control by Configuring RBAC and MAC features”, Journal of Information and Software Technology, 56(7), 2014

4. “Required Behavior of Sequence Diagrams Semantics and Refinement,” ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, 23(2), 2014.

5. “A UML-Based Pattern Specification Technique,” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 30(3), 2004

6. Patent, “Apparatus and method for recommending software process im-
provement”, 2015