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Jonathan Maisonneuve, Ph.D.

Jonathan Maisonneuve Headshot Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Office: 408 EC
Phone: (248) 370-2657
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.secs.oakland.edu/~maisonneuve



  • ME 3500 - Introduction to Fluid and Thermal Energy Transport
  • ME 4530 / 5530 - Alternative Energy Systems
  • ME 4900 / 5900 Sustainable Membrane Processes


• Membrane Processes
• Renewable Energy
• Water and Desalination
• CO2 and Gas Separation

“Energy, water, and food are essential to life. We develop membrane processes that improve the sustainability of these critical resources.” - Jonathan Maisonneuve

Selected Publications

1. S. Moussaddy, S. Pushparajah, and J. Maisonneuve, “Fertilizer-based liquid desiccants: A novel concept for energy efficient dehumidification and water vapor recycling in indoor plant environments,” Applied Thermal Engineering 219 (2023).

2. S. Moussaddy and J. Maisonneuve, "Energy from carbon dioxide: Experimental and theoretical analysis of power generation from membrane-based sweep gas permeation," Journal of Membrane Science 644 (2022).

3. P. Pourmovahed, M. Lefsrud, and J. Maisonneuve, "Thermodynamic limits of using fertilizer to produce clean fertigation solution from wastewater via forward osmosis," Journal of Membrane Science 647 (2022).

4. P. Pourmovahed and J. Maisonneuve, “Thermodynamic limits of using fertilizer osmosis to produce mechanical work via pressure retarded osmosis,” Journal of Membrane Science 629 (2021).

5. S. Moussaddy, G. Yuan, and J. Maisonneuve, “A new concept for generating mechanical work from gas permeation,” Journal of Membrane Science 614 (2020).

6. G. Lekshminarayanan, M. Croal, and J. Maisonneuve, “Recovering latent and sensible energy from building exhaust with membrane-based energy recovery ventilation,” Science and Technology for the Built Environment 26 (2020).

7. S. Chintalacheruvu and J. Maisonneuve, “Increasing osmotic power and energy with maximum power point tracking,” Applied Energy 238 (2019).

8. J. Maisonneuve, C. B. Laflamme, and P. Pillay, “Experimental investigation of pressure retarded osmosis for renewable energy conversion: Towards increased net power,” Applied Energy 164 (2016).

9. J. Maisonneuve, C. B. Laflamme, and P. Pillay, “Osmotic power potential in remote regions of Quebec,” Renewable Energy 81 (2015).

10. J. Maisonneuve, C. B. Laflamme, and P. Pillay, “Pressure-retarded osmotic power system model considering non-ideal effects,” Renewable Energy 75 (2015).

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