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A group photo of SHS students and the SHS Dean

New SHS Students

Kevin Ball
Kevin Ball, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
School of Health Sciences

Built upon the foundations of the natural and behavioral sciences, the School of Health Sciences transforms students into leaders, connects theory to best practices, and impacts the needs of all people and community – in purpose for Health.

The School of Health Sciences is organized into four core academic departments. We provide a diverse and inclusive environment of collaborative, academic and clinical learning to nearly 1,800 undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and post-professional students. Your success is our top priority and we are here to help you reach your fullest potential – by helping you discover your unique talents and passions, providing you with the tools to foster your growth and independence, and preparing you for a wide range of careers. No matter your goals, a degree from the School of Health Sciences prepares you for a wide range of career paths. Identify your career choice through our SHS Foundational Model PDF.

The professional Academic Advising Office staff encourages intellectual growth and empowers students to be responsible contributors of their academic success and pursuits during their journey towards a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Health Sciences; Nutrition; Interdisciplinary Health Care Studies; Applied Health Sciences; Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences; Exercise Science; Environmental Health and Safety; Wellness and Health Promotion; and our many distinct specializations to prepare for a variety of career paths. Our staff works in collaboration with the student to achieve their overall academic, graduation, and career goals in purpose for health.

Students are required to meet with their assigned academic adviser at least once a year. Appointments are available in-person, virtual, or via phone. Scheduling an appointment is made easy by contacting the advising office at (248) 370-2369.

Advising Outcomes

  • Develop an intentional collaborative relationship with your adviser
  • Understand the structure and purpose of the School’s curriculum
  • Create a narrative that connects your classes, experiential learning, and co-curricular programming
  • Identify and explain your personal and professional short and long-term goals
  • Use institutional resources to meet your academic and career goals

Expectations of the Student

  • Active participation in all advising appointments (e.g. bring your questions, graduate school pre-reqs, etc.)
  • Use Degree Works and the catalog year assigned to understand your degree requirements
  • Become knowledgeable about university resources, policies, and procedures
  • Understand your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Meet with your professional academic adviser at least once a year
  • Check your Oakland University email regularly and email your adviser at [email protected]
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • Research majors, minors, policies, procedures and opportunities as appropriate
  • Allow for open and honest communication with your adviser

Expectations of the Adviser

  • Advocate for student success
  • Create and maintain a respective, inclusive, and collaborative environment, encouraging mutual trust and open communication and interactions
  • Remain informed on majors, minors, policies, procedures and opportunities as appropriate
  • Empower our students to develop an academic plan that works best for their individual academic goal
  • Help students in the decision making process and to take ownership of their choices
  • Introduce the Degree Works system and how the tool is used in advising and for the student’s progress toward degree
  • Assist with connecting the student with campus and academic resources
  • Provide an open space to listen to the needs, questions, concerns, and uncertainties

Students in the School of Health Sciences are assigned a professional academic adviser based on their intended academic major. This process is streamlined in a way that permits your professional adviser the ability to communicate with our students more efficiently and immediately upon declaring a major.

The academic advisers use a centralized emailing process when communicating with the student on their caseloads. Students are required to email their assigned advisers at [email protected] to support the office’s mission and to avoid missed communication or delayed responses. Working with a singular email address also allows for our team to efficiently provide support in the absence of the assigned adviser.

Our academic advising office sponsors adviser connection sessions once a month. These sessions are provided by various academic advisers to assist students in learning more about our majors and connecting with the professional adviser in the major area you have selected.

Headshot of Zach Barclay

Zach Barclay
Director of Academic Advising and Student Services


  • Undecided Health Sciences
  • Health Sciences major
    • Pre-health Professional Studies concentration

Professional head shot of Denae May

Denae May
Senior Academic Adviser


  • Health Sciences major
    • Pre-health Professional Studies concentration

Professional head shot of Hnou Vue

Hnou Vue
Academic Adviser


  • Health Sciences major
    • Holistic Health concentration and minor
    • Pre-pharmacy concentration
  • Environmental Health and Safety major and minor
  • Public Health major
  • Interdisciplinary Healthcare Studies major
  • Applied Health Sciences major
    • Healthcare Leadership concentration
    • Health Promotion concentration

Professional head shot of Nancy Osmialowski

Nancy Osmialowski
Academic Adviser


  • Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences major with specializations in:
    • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    • Histotechnology
    • Medical Laboratory Science
    • Nuclear Medicine Technology
    • Pre-clinical Professions
    • Radiologic Technology
    • Pre-pharmacy Sciences
  • Applied Health Sciences major
    • Radiologic Technology Leadership specialization

Ashley Finkley Headshot

Ashley Finkley
Academic Adviser


  • Exercise Science major and minor
    • Pre-physical Therapy concentration
    • Orthotist and Prosthetist Assistant Studies specialization
  • Nutrition major and minor
    • Dietetics specialization
  • Applied Health Sciences major
    • Orthotist and Prosthetist Assistant Studies specialization

Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education (ECLIPSE) is a community engaged, leadership development program for students in the School of Health Sciences. The program is focused on the pillars of interprofessional education (communication, teamwork, roles/responsibilities, values/ethics) and allows students to practice and synthesize what they are learning in and outside of the classroom, with the goal being to ultimately improve patient and community care through interprofessional collaboration.

ECLIPSE opportunities and benefits include:

  • Mentoring groups that create a sense of community and connection to SHS - many students share the same major or career path and take the same classes, study together, and do service and other fun activities
  • Peer mentors who meet regularly with members to assist them in tracking their goals and to share resources to aid in their success
  • Monthly workshops to practice leadership skills and gain additional knowledge to prepare for pre-professional programs in health
  • Opportunities such as community service, research, clinical experiences and preparing for medical school applications
  • Stand out amongst their peers in competitive fields
  • Complete a Community Health Impact Project as the culmination of the experience in the program
  • Create an E-Portfolio to showcase experiences throughout the program

Students in the program had this to say:

“During my time in ECLIPSE, I have improved my skills in each of the pillars by reflecting on my experiences through my time as a student at Oakland University. Reflecting on events and experiences has helped me to cement lessons that I learn concerning communication, teamwork, roles/responsibilities, and values/ethics.” – Nick, HS major with concentration in Pre health professional Studies, Pre-Med

“One of the things that I enjoyed about the meetings for ECLIPSE were the topics that were discussed because oftentimes, the meetings left me with different perspectives about different things. The meetings definitely made me stronger in all of the pillars and it was a way of socializing with other people. I also liked the breakout rooms because it was a chance to come out of my shell more.” – Anonymous member

“I have become a better leader through the ECLIPSE program even though I was a leader before starting, it strengthened my skills and helped me to be the best I could be for others. Being a healthcare professional is all about helping other people and the pillars of ECLIPSE help to highlight the areas that are most beneficial for leaders in this field.” – Marianna, HS major w/concentration Holistic Health, Pre-OT

Visit the ECLIPSE web page for more quotes and information.

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