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A woman taking another woman's blood pressure on a treadmill.

Exercise Science

Exercise Science is a growing field that studies movement and the connection between physical activity, weight control, disease prevention, stress management and nutrition for optimal health and performance. As an exercise scientist, you’ll work in fields such as physical therapy, fitness training and health education with patients recovering from surgery, cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses, as well as high-performing athletes. We offer a variety of degrees and certificates within the Department of Human Movement Science to help you achieve your goals.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science 

Gain a strong foundation through practicum, research and laboratory experiences. Once you complete this degree, you will be prepared for immediate employment in the field as well as competitive graduate degree programs in various clinical occupations (P.T., O.T., M.D., etc.). Learn more at the undergraduate exercise science page.

Minor in Exercise Science

If you are an Oakland University student majoring in anything other than exercise science, choose to pursue a minor in exercise science as a supplement to your degree. Take a variety of basic Exercise Science courses as well as electives to introduce you to the field. Learn more about the exercise science minor in the undergraduate catalog.

Exercise Science Combined (B.S. + M.S.)

Complete both your master’s degree in approximately one calendar year after graduating with your Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. You will save both time and money while gaining greater career opportunities, increasing your income potential and preparing you for further advanced programs in physical therapy, human movement science, and other professional fields. Learn more at the exercise science combined page

Master of Science in Exercise Science

Open new opportunities that enhance your professional life and increase your income potential as you ensure the safety and health of patients and clients at all ages and skill levels in their fields. Our graduate Exercise Science program offers a unique multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing deeper understanding of the science of the human body and the key role for exercise in health maintenance, disease prevention, physical performance and overall wellness. Learn more at the M.S. in exercise science page.

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Movement Science

Become a leader in your field with a Ph.D. in Human Movement Science (HMS). Designed for exercise scientists, movement science professionals and physical therapists, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to produce relevant human movement science research. Learn more at the Ph.D. in HMS page.

Corporate and Worksite Wellness Graduate Certificate

Promote and encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to help improve productivity, increase satisfaction and decrease absenteeism with the graduate certificate in corporate and worksite wellness. By working in this impactful area, you will be a part of establishing/maintaining a healthy environment in the workplace, schools and communities. Learn more at the corporate and worksite wellness page.

Clinical Exercise Science Graduate Certificate

Prepare for the rigors of careers in fields such as cardiac rehabilitation and exercise physiology with the Clinical Exercise Science graduate certificate. You will gain a thorough understanding of exercise prescription for individuals with chronic metabolic, neuromuscular or cardiovascular conditions. Learn more at the clinical exercise science page.

Exercise Science Graduate Certificate

Improve your skills in specialized areas of exercise science such as sports science, health promotion, human performance analysis and ergonomics, and advance your career potential with the graduate certificate in exercise science. Visit the exercise science graduate certificate page to learn more.

Oncology Rehabilitation Graduate Certificate

Improve people’s lives after cancer treatment with the graduate certificate in oncology rehabilitation. Offered internationally and fully online, this one-of-a-kind certificate provides advanced theoretical and psychomotor training for rehabilitation clinicians interested in specializing in the rapidly-growing field of oncology rehabilitation. Visit the oncology rehabilitation page to learn more.

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