Board of Trustees

Wilson Hall, Suite 3000
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
(location map)


April 3, 2002

Oakland University
Board of Trustees Formal Meeting
April 3, 2002, 2:00 p.m.
Auditorium, Elliott Hall of Business
& Information Technology
Presiding: Ann V. Nicholson

I.Call to Order - Chair Ann Nicholson
II.Roll Call - Secretary Victor Zambardi
III.President's Report - President Gary Russi
IV.Action Items
 A.Consent Agenda - Chair Ann Nicholson
  1.Approval of the Minutes of the Formal Meeting of December 5, 2001
  2.Approval of the Minutes of the Special Formal Meeting of March 6, 2002
  3.Approval of University Personnel Actions
  4.Approval of Recommendation of Final Undergraduate and Graduate School Reports dated December 18, 2001
  5.Recommendation to Accept Gifts to Oakland University and the Oakland University Foundation for the Periods of October 1 through October 31, 2001, November 1 through November 30, 2001, December 1 through December 31, 2001, January 1 through January 31, 2002, and February 1 through February 28, 2002, and to Accept Grants and Contracts to Oakland University for the Periods November 1, 2001 through December 31, 2001 and January 1, 2002 through February 28, 2002
--Gifts Oct 01.doc
--Gifts Nov 01.doc
--Gifts Dec 01.doc
--Gifts Jan 02.doc
--Gifts Feb 02.doc
--Grants Cover Nov-Dec.doc
--Grants Nov-Dec 01.xls
--Grants Cover Jan-Feb.doc
--Grants Jan-Feb 02.xls
 B.Approval of Alfred G. Wilson and Matilda R. Wilson Awards and Human Relations Award - Mary Beth Snyder
 C.Approval of Agreement with Comcast Cablevision to Provide Cable Television Services to Residence Halls and University Apartments - Mary Beth Snyder
--Comcast Service Agreement.doc
--Comcast Attachment A.doc
--Comcast Bulk Bill.doc
--Comcast Memorandum.doc
 D.Approval of Authorization for Two-Month Contract Extension with ARAMARK Educational Services Inc. for Residential and Retail Food Service - Mary Beth Snyder
--ARAMARK Amendment.doc
 E.Approval of Authorization to Develop Schematic Designs for an Oakland Center Expansion - Trustee Henry Baskin
 F.Appointment of Distinguished Professors - Trustee Penny Crissman
 G.Approval of Authorization to Proceed with Repair and Expansion of Parking
Lot 11 - Trustee David Doyle
Parking Lot Repair.doc
--Parking Lot Map.doc
 H.Approval of Authorization to Contract for Utility Line Metering and Monitoring System - Trustee David Doyle
 I.Approval of Authorization to Increase Solid Waste Disposal Purchase Order - Trustee Louis Grech-Cumbo
 J.Approval of Authorization of Reserve for Campus Facilities Investment Earnings - Trustee Rex Schlaybaugh
V.Discussion of June 5, 2002 Board of Trustees Formal Meeting Agenda
VI.Other Items that May Come Before the Board

Persons with disabilities who plan to attend the meeting who need special assistance should call the Office of the Board of Trustees at 370-3112. NOTE: The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this agenda and to add or delete items. Any person wishing to address the Board must submit a request to the Office of the Board of Trustees, 203 Wilson Hall, prior to the meeting or to a representative of the Office of the Board of Trustees at the meeting. The request must include the person's name, address and the subject matter.