Cashier's Office

North Foundation Hall, Room 120
318 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
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Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts

Effective internal controls will be implemented to assure that cash receipts tendered by customers are credited to their account, deposited in the University’s bank account, and are reflected in the control accounts of its financial system.

Departments that wish to accept cash receipts, in person or online, must contact Student Business Services at (248) 370-5060. At that time, Student Business Services will assist the department in obtaining the supplies needed to accept cash receipts, such as triplicate receipts, a restrictive endorsement stamp, deposit bags, etc. and provide online payment processing assistance, if necessary.

Cash Receipt Policies

Policy 210, Cash Receipts

Policy 212, Payment Card Information Security Requirements

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Cash Receipt Forms

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