Cashier's Office

North Foundation Hall, Room 120
318 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
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Related Administrative Policies

Related Administrative Policies

Policy 210, Cash Receipts
To provide instruction and policy for Oakland University (“University”) departments depositing cash receipts.

Policy 212, Payment Card Information Security Requirements
Oakland University (“University”) is subject to rules, regulations, and contractual provisions regarding the handling of Bankcards and Cardholder Information, as those terms are defined below. 
This Policy provides mandatory security measures and procedures for University departments accepting Bankcards for payment (“Departments”).

Policy 412, Detection of and Response to Identity Theft Red Flags
The University will implement and provide for the continued administration of programs in relation to:
1. Duties of users regarding address discrepancies.
2. Duties regarding the detection, prevention, and mitigation of identity theft.
3. Duties of card issuers regarding changes of address.

Policy 500, Gifts, Pledges and Grants
The Board of Trustees of Oakland University must officially accept any gift or grant before it can become the legal asset or property of the university.

Policy 860, Information Security
Electronic data are an important university asset that must be protected by appropriate safeguards and managed with respect to data stewardship. This policy defines the required electronic data management environment and assigns responsibility for ensuring data and information security at each level of access and control. It is the responsibility of every university employee who accesses data and information in electronic formats to provide for the security of that data.

Policy 880, System Administration Responsibilities
The following policy is intended to protect the wide array of information technology resources that are supported by departmental systems administrators and faculty, as well as by University Technology Services staff. 

Policy 890, Use of Information Technology Resources
The following policy is intended to protect the wide array of information technology resources provided by the University, and to provide guidelines for the use of those resources. 

Policy 1220, Travel: Foreign Study Or Academically Related Travel
To provide guidance to University personnel proposing group trips to be sponsored by the University for foreign study or other academically related travel tours.

See Policy #1200 for travel related to student organizations or student government groups.