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International Education

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Study Abroad

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Faculty-led programs, exchange programs, and partner programs. Each of these program types provide their own unique experiences based on your course and travel preferences. Filtered by area of study, you can easily find programs designed for specific discipline interests. Read the descriptions below to learn more about our program types and decide which is the ideal program for you. Although you are not limited to these programs, they have been carefully selected to help fulfill OU course requirements:

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All programs approved for course credit will qualify participating students as officially enrolled at OU for the purposes of applying for federal financial aid to help cover study abroad program costs.

OU Faculty-led Programs

Our most popular programs! Travel, live, and study with other OU students, on a program taught by an OU faculty member. These programs are typically between 10 days and four weeks in length over the summer or during semester breaks. Do you want to explore the Latin American rainforest, participate in an archeological dig in the Middle East, see the places that inspired Harry Potter, undertake research focused on public health in Africa, or meet with business leaders in Europe’s financial capitals? An OU faculty-led program is for you! Since you travel with a group, everything is arranged by OU. These programs are appropriate for all students – even if you’ve never left Michigan before – and their short lengths and low costs make them attractive options for students who work or have other obligations here. Click the Faculty-led Programs tab on the left for more information about each of these programs.

OU Exchange Programs

Exchange programs offer the most independent study and travel experience. You will enroll and study at one of our partner universities abroad, studying alongside students from your destination country for one semester or for a full academic year. You will pay OU tuition and earn OU credit for the classes you take. You may live in a dorm, in a homestay with a local family or in an apartment. Most exchange students focus on gaining fluency in another language, but you can also take all your courses in English at one of our partners in Malta or England. Our specialized exchange program in Germany for mechanical engineers is taught in English too. Because you will pay your normal rate of OU tuition while on exchange, exchange programs are typically very affordable options. For more information about each of our exchange programs, click the Exchange Programs tab on the left.

You may also study on exchange within the United States (including U.S. territories) and in Canada through the National Student Exchange program. This program gives you the opportunity to study at a different university for a semester or a year while staying in the comfort of your home country.

Partner Programs

Partner programs are coordinated by external educational organizations that partner with OU to offer you, the students, as many programs as possible. Through these programs, you can still use your OU financial aid, receive OU credit, and OU grades. OU partners include CIEE, GEO, JCMU, and USAC. Here, you will study and travel with students from all over the United States.

  • CIEE offers a diverse portfolio of short-term and traditional semester study abroad options in many academic disciplines. Choose from language programs or programs focused on business, design, journalism, and STEM courses and more. You may study at a CIEE center or directly at a university abroad.
  • GEO offers students academically rigorous and thematically diverse study abroad programs at centers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. GEO offers particularly good options for students interested in learning Spanish, French, or Italian.
  • JCMU is the Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU), a campus in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, created to build and strengthen relationships between Japanese, Americans, and people of every nationality. JCMU's programs give students the opportunity to study language and culture on the shore of Lake Biwa while participating in the community of the City of Hikone.
  • USAC provides students with life-changing opportunities to live and learn in countries around the globe. USAC has more than 50 affordable, authentic study abroad programs in 26 countries, and strives to provide ample opportunities to become engaged, global citizens. All USAC programs are hosted directly at universities abroad, giving you the best opportunity to integrate into the life of your destination country. Many of our USAC programs are also among the most affordable programs we offer.
Find a Program

Begin browsing programs based on program type, term offered, major, and location by using the Search Programs page. When you are ready to start your application, just click the Apply button on your chosen program.

To begin your journey, come to our walk-in advising hours, 1 – 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday, no appointment necessary, or make an appointment to see an adviser (in person or virtually). You can also meet us at our table in the OC from 12 - 2 p.m. on Wednesdays during fall and winter semesters. Our peer advisers, OU students who have studied abroad themselves, are ready to help you through the process.

Music, Theatre and Dance

As a music, theatre and dance major, you’ll grow your knowledge with study abroad opportunities across the globe:

AURORA is pursuing her dreams in musical theatre. To help broaden her skill set, she studied in Hydra, Greece, and came away with a newfound passion for performance and a sense of self-discovery.

“Greece changed my life as a student, person and performer. I was able to do what I love while also taking classes and experiencing rich culture. I felt so at peace while I was there.” – Aurora Batton, Classical Theatre in Greece

Natural Sciences

Experience hands-on learning opportunities in the natural sciences by traveling to countries rich in biodiversity and natural resources:

Conservation is ETHAN’s passion. As an environmental science major, he yearned to explore ecology in a new way by studying abroad in Ecuador. Ethan’s experiences abroad helped shape his degree and expand his knowledge by seeing organisms operate within their natural habitat.

“My study abroad experience was nothing short of life changing. I learned so much about the wildlife, vegetation and culture that solidified my love and desire to help preserve our planet.” – Ethan Tiong, Tropical Field Ecology in Ecuador

Social Sciences

In the social sciences, you’ll open doors to new opportunities through immersive cultural experiences throughout Europe and the Middle East:

SOPHIA is empowered by exploration. She chose to maximize her education by studying abroad at the University of Oxford. And with the freedom to explore this historic English city, Sophia found herself living life to the fullest.

“Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. When the world became my classroom, I recognized for the first time the magical impact of taking autonomy over your own education.” – Sophia Williams, British Studies in Oxford

As a professor, MIKE understands the importance of discovery. By leading a study abroad course in Israel, he shapes the itinerary to help students learn about unique natural and cultural sites. And with funding for students that covers most of the travel costs, exploring the world has never been more hands-on and attainable. 

“While we teach archaeological methods, students also learn about other cultures, history and modern dilemmas and they meet and befriend people from all over the world. Mostly, though, they learn a great deal about themselves.” – Mike Pytlik, Archaeology Field School of Israel