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Class of 2020 Embark Research Colloquium

On June 4, nine students from the Class of 2020 presented their research for the opportunity to receive the Dean’s Choice Award, which provides them with scholarship funding from the Oakland University Credit Union. Three of these nine students will be chosen to receive the award. The student presenters included: Neha Ansari, Kojo Asantey, Lisa Carver, Komal Kapoor, Julia Kihm, Nicholas Kondoleon, Martin Randall, David Weinfeld and Justin Yuan. 

For a complete collection of the Class of 2020's student research abstracts, see the link below.

Class of 2020 Embark Research Abstract Book

Embark Mission Statement:

Embark is a required scholarly concentration program of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB) that provides a mentored introduction to research and scholarship.  The four-year longitudinal curriculum consists of structured coursework in research design and implementation, compliance training, research communication, and scholarly presentation, with protected time to develop mentored projects in a wide-range of community and health-related settings.

As part of the Embark program, every medical student gains a tool kit of research and project-management skills, beneficial to the completion of their required capstone outcomes-based research project. Throughout their OUWB career, students have opportunities to utilize their skills by providing periodic progress presentations, where scholarly achievements are recognized with awards and scholarships. With both vertical and horizontal integration to the overall academic mission, the Embark program represents an important component of the OUWB curriculum that seeks to encourage a passion for life-long learning, and the development of research design and implementation skills in all of our future physicians. 

As our graduates embark on their careers, we anticipate each will have an exceptional impact on the patients and communities that they serve, and will act as multipliers to continue the growth of research developments and socially accountable activities within their future peer groups.

Embark Project Areas:

Students may pursue projects in the areas of:

  • community based participatory research
  • clinical/laboratory research
  • systematic review
  • medical education research
  • quality and safety evaluations and medical IT

Class of 2019 Embark Research Abstract Book

Class of 2017 Embark Research Colloquium Program
Class of 2016 Capstone Research Colloquium Program

2018 Mini-Manuscript Award Winners

2017 Mini-Manuscript Award Winners

About Embark

The First Year

The first year entails course work that encompasses sessions on research study and design. Included in these topics are development of a research question, constructing a research proposal, and the important aspects of research regulatory bodies (internal review board (IRB)).

Also during this first year, students choose mentors with similar research interests. Mentors include OUWB faculty mentors from the Biomedical Sciences Department, various clinical departments in Beaumont Health and faculty from Oakland University Departments. The mentor and the student will work collaboratively to design a feasible, outcomes-based research project. The mentor guides and remains involved in the student’s project throughout the four years. 

The Second Year

During the M2 year, the students continue with their projects along with instruction in “best practices” in writing an abstract, and providing an oral or poster presentation. Many students strive to complete their data collection by the end of their M2 year. The year culminates with awards given for the most outstanding short oral presentations of current research status.

The Third and Fourth Years

Protected time is embedded in the M3 and M4 years for writing of abstracts with submission to local, national and international conferences. Manuscript submission is encouraged but not required. Additionally, Directed Independent Research rotations are possible to continue working on Embark or other research projects. Completion of the capstone research project is a graduation requirement for each student with presentation of his or her work at a research colloquium. 

The School of Medicine awards partial fourth year scholarships for outstanding Embark achievement through a mini-manuscript competition. Embark also encourages students to publish their findings, along with providing travel funds when appropriate for students to present their completed work at regional and national meetings under the guidance of their mentors. We believe in rewarding our medical students for doing the right thing and doing it well.

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Become a

How to Become a Mentor

Please contact with any questions

Meaningful Participation Eligibility

Clinical faculty may be eligible for meaningful participation points by providing the service of mentoring.

The Meaningful Participation Program is designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the Beaumont medical staff in dedicating the time and expertise necessary to assure that every graduate of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine has received the training necessary to become an effective, compassionate contributor to the well being of the community.

Embark Program Goals

The goal of Embark is to support the OUWB student in a scholarly-based research experience during their M1 to M4 years, while fostering an appreciation for lifelong learning.

Embark consists of several components that support the required faculty-mentored medical student research project.

The Program incorporates structured coursework during the first two years of medical school by providing an introduction to research design and supporting the student’s development of a scholarly capstone project.

Additional curricular sessions and self-directed learning modules include:

  • instruction in developing skills to initiate scholarly work
  • developing surveys
  • identifying appropriate information resources
  • developing and evaluating protocols
  • collecting outcomes data
  • analyzing results
  • dissemination of project findings


IRB Resources

Institutional Review Boards (IRB) are the regulatory body that oversees and approves all research related to human subjects. All studies that involve human participants will be required to submit an IRB application to the appropriate institutional IRB. Both Oakland University and Beaumont have an IRB that handles research studies occurring within their respective locations.

Please see the Embark IRB Resources Page for more details on the IRB Application Process.

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We offer a wide variety of ways for our benefactors to show support and give to Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Donations for the purpose of supporting our research endeavors are greatly appreciated.

We have outlined a number of different options described here, designed to help you tailor your support to meet your philanthropic goals.