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Requests for Exception

Please read the following information before submitting a request. The application can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Request for Exception must be submitted either during or immediately following the term in question. Requests must be submitted before your degree is awarded. Requests will not be reviewed after one calendar year from the end of the term in question. For example, request for the Winter 2021 semester will not be accepted after the Winter 2022 semester. Please refer to Oakland University's important dates.

Only the following circumstances/situations will be reviewed:

  • Student illness: A letter/note from your physician or medical provider on their letterhead indicating the dates you were seen and general nature of your condition. The letter/note must be signed by your physician or medical provider.
  • Illness of immediate family member: A letter from your family member’s physician or medical provider on their letterhead indicating the dates you were unable to attend class. The note must be signed by the physician or medical provider.
  • Death of immediate family member: A copy of the death certificate, published obituary or memorial folder. If the student’s last name differs, documentation is required to establish immediate family relationship to the deceased.
  • Employment-related circumstances: A letter from your employer on company letterhead confirming the date and necessity of the job change.
  • Military deployment/reactivation: A copy of official deployment/reactivation notice. Deployment and reactivation dates must be within the semester you are requesting.
  • Registration error(s)/Non-Attendance: Relevant supporting documentation (e.g., email or other official correspondence with university personnel about registration intentions or difficulties); documentation evidencing enrollment at another institution precluding student’s enrollment at Oakland University (e.g., copy of registration schedule for term in question).
  • University error: Written confirmation and explanation of error from Oakland University personnel.
  • Crisis situation: Letter on letterhead of relevant professional (e.g., lawyer or police report, court order, airline ticket, etc.).

 All Requests for Exception forms must be accompanied by a typed student explanation of the extenuating circumstances and verifiable documentation. A Request for Exception filed without supporting documentation will automatically be denied.

Dissatisfaction with a particular teaching style, lack of knowledge of registration/refund deadlines, and disagreement with refund policies are not appropriate rationales for filing a Request for Exception. Requests for these reasons will be automatically denied. This form may not be used to appeal grades.

Possible financial aid implications: If you are dropping courses/withdrawing during a term for which you have received financial aid (grants, loans, scholarship, graduate assistantships, etc.), you may be required to return all or a portion of the financial aid that has been disbursed and/or applied to your student account. If your request is to add credit hours after the financial aid credit lock date, please note that additional financial aid may not be applied to your account to cover the increased tuition costs. You are responsible for consulting a financial aid adviser prior to submitting this request to determine if there will be any financial implications should your request be granted. Please contact Student Financial Services at 120 North Foundation Hall or (248) 370-2550. Once a request is granted, it will not be rescinded.

The Request for Exception is reviewed in the order in which it is received. Submission of this request is NOT a guaranteed approval. Please allow four weeks for processing. While your request is under review, you are required to make tuition payments on schedule. Any authorized refunds will be issued in the manner in which they were paid. Notification of the decision is made in writing to the address provided.

Please email your submission to:
Koffi Ramsey

Filing a Request for Exception?

Medical-Related Requests for Exceptions are handled through the Dean of Students Office. Should you have questions about medical-related requests for exception you may contact the Dean of Students at

Application:  Request for Exception (Medical-Related)

Non Medical-Related: 
All non-medical related requests are handled through the Office of the Registrar. You may reach the Exceptions team at

Application: Request for Exception (Non Medical-Related)

Phone: (248) 370-3455