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Cohort meets on Monday evenings.

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Graduates of the  Master of Education in Educational Leadership  program are well-prepared for building-level leadership positions, including principal, assistant principal and dean of students. Those who choose to remain in the classroom will find that they are well-equipped to assume formal teacher leadership roles, e.g. instructional coach, new teacher mentor, grade level or department chair, school improvement chair. As a state-approved principal preparation program, graduates earn a master’s degree and are eligible for a Michigan Administrative Certificate. 
The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare “practice-ready” leaders for 21st Century schools. With the guidance of expert faculty and supported by a program-long internship, students develop the skills needed to lead with a clear vision, build positive relationships, support and guide school improvement, and empower others while managing the complexities of change. 

Program coursework is strongly performance-based. As a result, graduates leave the program well-prepared to assume a variety of school leadership positions.

Additionally, all graduates leave the program with an e-portfolio they can share with prospective employers and key stakeholder groups, e.g. parents and students, local business leaders and building teachers.

  • Relevant coursework provides you with the leadership tools and confidence to meet the challenges of school leadership
  • Cohort model links you to a professional network of successful school leaders
  • Distinguished faculty draw on both practical experience and academic research to help you connect theory with practice
  • School-based internship provides real-life experience; mentorship with a recognized school leader offers extra support
  • Required 32 credits completed in 22 months
  • Convenient scheduling combines weeknight classes with hybrid coursework
  • Graduates eligible for Michigan Administrative Certificate
See catalog:  Master of Education in Educational Leadership


Oakland University periodically offers an opportunity's to enroll in an Educational Leadership course designed for teachers and administrators who need to fulfill continuing professional certification requirements. Course Details:
  • 6-credits total, cohort course offered over two semesters as two, 3-credit modules
  • Classes usually meet only one week night per month 
  • Course open to all K-12 teachers and administrators
  • Taught by Oakland University Faculty: Dr. Christine Abbott

For more information on upcoming courses, please contact Dr. Christina Abbott at or (248) 370-2636.

  • Future students are asked to demonstrate their interest in building-level administrative roles through a professional goal statement and two letters of recommendation.
  • Through your goal statement, we are interested in knowing who you are as a person and what you would like to achieve personally and professionally with this degree. A typical goal statement is 2-3 pages in length and addresses the following:
    • Your career goals, including how the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership will help you reach your goals
    • The qualifications and experience that prepare you to be successful in reaching those goals
    • Your vision of school leadership, including your commitment to equity
    • Any problems or inconsistencies in your academic or professional record
  • Previous teaching experience is highly recommended, but not required.

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership degree program requires 32 credits, which taken within the 22 month, cohort-structured program. Face to face courses are offered on weeknights, with hybrid course offerings during the summer terms. The required internship stretches across the program. As a culminating activity, graduates prepare a web-based portfolio that addresses the ISLLC School Leader Standards.



EL 5300: Introduction to Educational Leadership - 4 credits

EL 5320: Staff and Curriculum Development - 4 credits

Summer I
EL 5340: Law for Teachers and Administrators - 4 credits
EL 6955: Internship for School Leaders I - 2 credits

Summer II
EL 5360: Schools, Students and Educational Equity - 4 credits

EL 6300: Theories and Techniques of Leadership - 4 credits

EL 6320: School Finance and Business Administration - 4 credits

Summer I
EL 6960: Culminating Master's Practicum - 4 credits
EL 6956: Internship for School Leaders II - 2 credits

In addition to receiving a master’s degree, students are also eligible to apply for a Michigan Administrative Certificate.

How to

Complete the free online graduate application by clicking on the button below:

Application Type: Grad – Masters
Planned Course of Study: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

If you have any other questions, please contact:

Dr. Cynthia Carver
(248) 370-3081 phone

Apply for
Admin. Cert.

Step 1: Create a Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) account

Visit and follow the links on the screen to create a MEIS account. MEIS will send a user ID, password, and account number to the e-mail address you provided when you followed the links to create an account.

Step 2: Register with MOECS

Once you have established a MEIS ID, please visit, and on the login screen, sign in with your MEIS user ID and password and follow the steps to self-register with MOECS. On the registration page, you will be asked to provide the MEIS account number that was sent to you via e-mail in Step 1.

Step 3: Apply for your new certificate in MOECS

Once you have signed in with MOECS successfully, you will first be asked to complete demographic information. Once you save it, you will see links on the left navigation panel. Choose the link that pertains to your new certificate and follow the steps to apply for your new certificate. In this application process, be sure to identify Oakland University as your institution.

Step 4: Await review and approval

After you have applied for your new certificate, your application will be submitted to OU. Applications will be reviewed and processed within 8 weeks from the date they are submitted to MOECS.

Step 5: Pay MDE’s fee online

Once your application in MOECS has been approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link for you to pay MDE’s fee online using a credit/debit card. If you do not receive the e-mail, you can still pay the fee by logging into MOECS using your user ID and password.

Step 6: Await your new certificate

Once you pay the fee, the Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) at MDE will approve your new certificate.

If you have trouble with the registration process, please contact the OPPS at (517)-373-3310 or read the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of for assistance.