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Follow these steps to ensure you are on track and eligible for graduation.

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Don’t be late to graduate. Follow these five steps.

Step 1: Run a degree evaluation on Review outstanding requirements and see your Progress to Degree under the Academic Resources tab on

Step 2: Meet with your academic adviser. Make sure degree requirements are met and your major is declared.

Step 3: Know your deadline to apply. Apply no later than the beginning of the semester you intend to complete your degree.
Want to graduate after fall semester? Apply by last day in September.
Want to graduate after winter semester? Apply by last day in January.
Want to graduate after summer semester? Apply by last day in January (for spring commencement).
Want to graduate after summer semester? Apply by last day in May (for fall commencement).

Step 4: Apply to graduate on Read all instructions on each page and review the summary at the end.

Step 5: Attend the commencement fair. It’s required if you’re participating in commencement!
Pick up commencement tickets.
Take graduation photos.
Buy regalia from the bookstore.
Order a class ring.
Get a diploma frame.
our free OU Alumni Association membership.

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Step 1
Run a degree evaluation

Run a degree evaluation to review outstanding requirements by logging into  MySAIL and clicking on Progress to Degree under the Registration and Degree Planning section.
Step 2

Meet with your academic adviser 

Meet with your academic adviser to ensure that you have met your degree requirements and you have declared your major(s) and minor(s). 

The Office of the Registrar conducts an official graduation audit and obtains approvals from the academic units. A final graduation list is produced approximately eight weeks after the last day of final exams for that semester or session. Diplomas are mailed to the address provided on the Application for Degree. Please contact us at for further assistance.

Step 3

Know your deadline to apply

All students must apply to graduate by submitting an Application for Degree online. Apply to graduate for the term you will complete your program requirements. 

  • Undergraduate students should apply by the posted deadline.
  • Graduate students (receiving a master's degree or above) are encouraged to apply during their second to last semester.

Fun Fact... Do you know the difference between graduation and commencement?

Simply put, Graduation is the completion of your degree. You need to apply to graduate for the semester you will be completing your final degree requirements. Graduation happens at the end of every semester Fall (December), Winter (April), and Summer (August).

However, Commencement is a ceremony held twice a year that honors students who have or will soon graduate and earn their degree. The Commencement Ceremony is held twice annually in December (Fall) and April/May (Spring). Participating in a Commencement ceremony does not automatically mean that a student has graduated.

Graduation vs. Commencement

Graduation Application Deadline Information

View application deadlines in a table format.

Last Courses Completed in: Fall (December)
Participate in Commencement Ceremony: Fall Ceremony (December)
Graduation Application Opens: April 1
Graduation Application Closes: Last day in September

Last Courses Completed in: Winter (April)
Participate in Commencement Ceremony: Spring Ceremony (April/May)
Graduation Application Opens: August 1
Graduation Application Closes: Last day in January

Last Courses Completed in: Summer (June/August)
Participate in Commencement Ceremony: Spring Ceremony (April/May), Fall Ceremony (December)
Graduation Application Opens: November 1
Graduation Application Closes: Last day in January for Spring Ceremony, Last day in May for Fall Ceremony

Step 4
Apply to graduate online

Follow these steps to apply to graduate online. Read all instructions on each page. If you need help applying,  use the get help applying for graduation button above
  1. Log into MySAIL using your NetID and password.

  2. Select SAIL from the menu bar.

  3. Select Student Services, then Student Records, then Apply to Graduate.

  4. Select the most current term.

  5. Verify your current programIf it's incorrect, contact your academic adviser.

  6. Select the last date of the semester in which you will finish all of your degree requirements. Do not select a date based on the commencement ceremony you want to attend.

  7. Indicate if you plan to attend the commencement ceremony.

  8. Select a name for your diploma. You can edit your name if boxes appear.

  9. Select your primary address or enter the mailing address where your diploma should be sent (diplomas are sent six weeks after the end of each semester).

  10. Verify all information. Before you click Submit Request verify that:
    • You selected the correct graduation date and term
    • Your name is entered exactly the way you want it to appear on your diploma
    • The diploma mailing address is accurate for where you will live six weeks after graduation
    • All your majors/minors/concentrations are listed and correct

  11. Follow the directions to reserve tickets for commencement.
Step 5
Attend the commencement fair (only if participating in the ceremony)

If you are planning on participating in commencement, you must attend the
commencement fair — held once in the fall and once in the spring. At the fair, you can:
  • Pick up commencement tickets
  • Take graduation photos
  • Buy regalia from the OU bookstore 
  • Order a class ring
  • Get a diploma frame
  • Order an OU license plate
  • Sign up for your free OU Alumni Association membership
  • Complete the First-Destination Survey (required). This survey is required and averages about 8 minutes to complete. If you are unable to complete the survey at the fair, a survey link will be emailed to you within two weeks of the last day of classes. This data is extremely important. It is used to comply with federal guidelines, accreditation standards, and to measure the success of Oakland University services. We will take great care to protect the confidentiality of your responses and we will never release your individual responses publicly.
Now that you've followed these steps, you're ready to participate in the commencement ceremony!