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Web Registration

Reminders for registration: 
Course Renumbering: Three to Four Digit Conversions
Web registration is staggered by class standing and earned credit hours. It begins on the dates noted below at 6 a.m. for the following semesters: 
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
Graduate students, veterans* and Honors College studentsMarch 20, 2017
Second undergraduate degree studentsMarch 21, 2017
Seniors with 121 credits or moreMarch 21, 2017
Seniors with 91 credits or moreMarch 22, 2017
Juniors with 73 credits or moreMarch 23, 2017
Juniors with 56 credits or moreMarch 24, 2017
Sophomores with 42 credits or moreMarch 27, 2017
Sophomores with 28 credits or moreMarch 28, 2017
Freshmen with 16 credits or moreMarch 29, 2017
Freshmen with fewer than 16 credits March 30, 2017
All other students March 31, 2017

*Veteran students must be currently certified for VA benefits or contact the Office of the Registrar to receive priority registration.

What's my class standing? 

Check your earned credit hours by logging into  mysail.oakland.edu and clicking Check Your Registration Status. Select the term you are registering for and your earned credits, any registration permits/overrides and registration time will be displayed. Earned credit hours are the combination of total degree credit hours earned on an Oakland University transcript as of Friday, March 3, 2017. Enrolled credits will not be considered.

There is a new Registration system for searching the schedule of classes and registering for classes beginning December 2016.  This option will be fully integrated before full-year registration in March 2017.

Some of the key features will be:

  • a brand new, easier to navigate look
  • better display of class information
  • multiple registration errors displayed at the same time (currently current registration only displays one error at a time)
  • conditional add drop, which allows you to simultaneously add and drop a class if both requests can be processed (currently the drop may be processed even if the add cannot be)

If you have questions about the new registration, please contact regservices@oakland.edu or (248) 370-3450.

Registration Dos

FAQs for new registration

Tutorials for new registration

& Locations

Read more about buildings and structures on main campus.  You can also read our how to view class locations tutorial.

Take note of the campus, building and location of where your class will be held as some buildings/locations are located off campus including:

Classes that are online should be listed as ONLINE as the location.

No Location
Classes that are TBD generally are scheduled individually with the student (i.e., an internship) and are listed as NRM NRM as the location (i.e. No Room).

Macomb County

  • Anton/Frankel Center (AFC) located in downtown Mount Clemens
  • Macomb University Center (MUC), located on the Center Campus of Macomb
    Community College in Clinton Township.

Oakland County


The Office of the Registrar recommends a strong relationship with your academic adviser.  First-year students and undecided students are advised by the First Year Advising Center.   Each school and the college at Oakland University house their own professional academic advising office. Use the  "Find My Academic Adviser" tools on this website to determine which advising office you will be visiting. Faculty advisers within each  academic department also are qualified to advise you and connect you with additional resources.

Please refer to your catalog for further information on policies.

If you believe you have circumstances that warrants any override, contact the department of the course or the office listed.  You can view a full list of departments here.

If your error message is not listed below or if you need further assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar at regservices@oakland.edu or (248) 370-3450.

Registration Errors, Descriptions and Assistance

You can view a summary list of errors, descriptions and who to contact here.