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A row of black and white ink pens that say "Student Veterans of Oakland University" on them.

Merchandising - old

Oakland University has an agreement with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to allow authorized OU merchandise to be sold in outlets off campus. The agreement, which also covers the production of OU items for internal purposes, includes athletics and non-athletics marks and the university name. All OU merchandise is handled through the CLC. UCM cannot approve merchandise produced from unlicensed vendors.

The licensing program promotes and protects the university’s name and marks, and provides a source of revenue from those who use the university’s goodwill to add value to their products/services. Use of the university’s name or marks for commercial purposes without obtaining a license or prior written authorization constitutes a trademark infringement, which is prohibited by state and federal law.

Order Merchandise


Vendors who wish to produce OU-branded merchandise must apply for and be granted a Trademark Licensing Agreement. Merchandise that will be resold is subject to royalty payment. To begin the application process, please contact Tim Klaasen at CLC. Certain restrictions and guidelines apply to specific marks. Once you are a licensed vendor for OU, you will have access to the available marks and detailed information on how each may be used.

University Departments

Interested in producing merchandise for giveaway or sale? For a list of approved Oakland University vendors, please contact your account manager at UCM. As a faculty or staff member, you must follow the OU licensing program to ensure quality control and brand integrity. Products purchased for resale are not exempt from the royalty fee payment requirement even if they are sold at cost. If you cannot find your desired product on the list, contact your account manager for assistance.

The marks below are included in the CLC system and may be ordered on merchandise through CLC. Please remember:

  • The university bookstore and the OU Athletics Department have exclusive rights for on-campus sales of the "Climbing Bear" and the "Front Head" on merchandise. Other organizations may not sell merchandise displaying these marks on campus. 
  • The OU seal is restricted to use on diplomas, official transcripts, formal documents of the OU Board of Trustees and commemorative items related to commencement (paperweights, jewelry, note cards, etc.).
Crafters License

If you are a crafter and are interested in producing items that contain official Oakland University trademarks or verbiage, to obtain a Crafters License, please contact Tim Klaasen at CLC.