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Future Graduate Students

Experience academic excellence in your post-baccalaureate education at Oakland University. As a graduate student, you'll be immersed in your area of study and conduct research tied to the solution of technological, social, economic and political issues. This is your opportunity at a world-class degree.

Virtual support

To best serve you, we offer virtual personal appointments and drop-in virtual office hours. If you have questions, need advising, or require help with the application process, connect with our advisers to assist you:

If you prefer communicating via email or cannot find an appointment time that meets your needs, please email [email protected] for our advisers to assist you.

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Benefits of a graduate degree

Higher earning potential

  • Ph.D. Degree - $100,000 or more - approximately $3.7 million over their lifetime
  • Master's Degree - $63,000 - approximately $3.2 million over their lifetime
  • Bachelor's Degree - $55,700 - approximately $2.7 million over their lifetime

Greater job opportunities

Qualities attractive to employers:
  • A greater ability to think analytically
  • Discipline to complete task from beginning to end
  • Equipped with professional career networks

Job satisfaction and job stability

Studies show those with advanced degrees are more satisfied with their career choice by:
  • Working in fields of interest
  • Increased ability for job advancement
  • Job satisfaction that has led to overall satisfaction with life

Ability to communicate more effectively

  • Positive impact on written and verbal communication skills
  • Communicating clearly, concisely and persuasively will help with landing the perfect job as well as improve career advancement and influence interpersonal relationships

Greater benefit to your family

  • Major impact on well-being of families, especially children
  • Families are better off socially and economically
  • Children are more likely to earn college degrees
  • College degrees have a ripple effect to influence future well-being  
Choosing a graduate program

Revisit your career path and review our graduate programs that will help guide your goals and objectives. Seek out academic advisers, faculty, researchers or industry leaders to discuss career goals and options to help formulate an academic career plan including your marketability for employment upon graduation. 

Look for graduate programs that provide:

  • Graduate degree closely linked with a chosen work-related field 
  • An academic curriculum that offers the best possible opportunities that enable networking opportunities 
  • Interaction with academic/industry leadership to acquire skills to enter a workplace as a professional 
Applying to a graduate degree program
  1. Review application deadlines and requirements by visiting oakland.edu/grad/programs 
  2. Contact academic department or faculty advisor to explore program specifics and requirements 
  3. Attend an event where you will have the opportunity to visit campus, meet with program representatives and discover all that OU has to offer 
  4. Submit application and required materials by deadline dates
Successful transition to graduate school

Common challenges

  • Finding balance 
  • Remaining confident 
  • Perfectionism 

Key responsibilities

  • Prepare for graduate student roles 
  • Foster academic integrity & respect intellectual process 
  • Keep academic communication channels open 
  • Maintain accountability 

Graduate student time management

  • Goal setting - specific & attainable 
  • Set priorities & establish boundaries 
  • Establish project plan allowing for flexibility 
  • Stay alert to university & administrative deadlines 

Graduate level academics

  • Read critically considering context & perspective 
  • Use academic writing conventions for self-improvement 
  • Graduate level assignments 
  • Create & utilize student work/support networks 
Campus safety

Oakland University encourages transparency with campus safety. The OU Police Department works hard to offer prompt, courteous and professional police services to all members and visitors of campus. Visit Oakland University's Annual Security & Fire Safety Report to learn more. 

Graduate School

O'Dowd Hall, Room 520
586 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-2700

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.