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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The Department operates out of the Recreation and Athletic Center and provides programs and services in the areas of fitness and wellness, intramural sports and sport clubs, aquatics, open recreation, and facility rentals to an average of 1,200 users per day, including students, faculty/staff, alumni, and other Oakland University affiliates.

University Recreation and Well-Being employs approximately 150 students annually.

University Recreation and Well-Being employs OU students in virtually every capacity, allowing our student staff to grow in their roles, developing and refining leadership skills. Additionally, we provide all student employees competitive salaries, a fun environment, and the opportunity to expand the transferable skills all employers seek no matter what their major may be. We offer work hours from 5:30 a.m. in the morning to 11 p.m. at night. Work hours are planned around employee schedules each semester, so they get an experience that will compliment their academic degree without sacrificing class or study time.


Complete the following steps by March 17 to be considered for an interview:

  1. Watch the Student Employee Recruitment Video below to learn more about the available positions:


    Hi, everyone!  My name is Mikayla and I am the student development program assistant here at the Oakland University Recreation Center.  I want to welcome you to our student employee recruitment session.  We are so happy to have you here.  We have a lot of opportunities for student employees within our department and today you are going to be hearing from all of our different student employees about what each position entails and how you can get involved in the Rec Center.

    We really pride ourselves as a department in developing the student beyond the specific role at the Rec Center. As a student employee of the Rec, in whatever area you might be working in, there is an opportunity for you to grow as a young professional as well as build some lasting friendships and have a lot of fun.  One of our student employees is going to be talking about our street team and our leaderships council that you can get involved with.  There is a lot of fun things you can do on and off the job at the Rec Center.

    Maddie Simon – Fitness Program Assistant:

    Hi, my name is Maddie and I am a Fitness Program Assistant at the Rec right now, but before that I was a fitness assistant.  I am a senior at Oakland University, and I am studying Health Science with a pre-professional concentration.  Some various jobs and duties of a fitness assistant day-to-day are cleaning and sanitizing properly due to COVID-19, and making sure the equipment and patrons are properly social distanced to make sure patrons are safe.  We also have to be very familiar with programs and policies like the Rec emergency action plan so that we know how to direct patrons and ensure their safety with medical and non-medical emergencies.  We are also responsible for helping patrons when they have various questions about fitness equipment.  One thing that I really like about working at the Rec, especially as a fitness assistant is getting to know my coworkers, creating friendships because, I met one of my very best friends here!

    Catie Troy – Rec Center Member Services Assistant and Building Manager:

    Hi, my name is Catie Troy!  I work at the Recreation Center for Member Services and Building Manager, but I am also involved in Street Team and RLC.  Street Team involves helping out with marketing and promotions at the Rec. - We do student take overs on the Rec’s Instagram.  And, RLC is Recreation Leadership Council, and we do philanthropic events like putting on can food drives and adopting families over the Holidays.  We also go to different conferences to learn leadership skills that translate into our majors and careers in the future.  My favorite part of about working at the Rec is probably the networking experience you get.  You not only get to meet other students, but you also get to meet professional staff who will help you along the way, critique your resume, and also help you develop professionally.

    Collin Ford – Building Manager:

    Hi, my name is Collin Ford and I am a Building Manager here at Rec Well.  My major is Pre-Health and I am senior here at Oakland University.  So, what I do as a building manager here is, I basically walk around and ensure that everyone is being safe and the building is running smoothly.  I also work shifts opening and closing the building, along with the other Building Managers.  One thing I like about the Rec, and why I think it’s the best place to work on campus,  is really the person and professional relationships that you make – they really turn into friendships.  When I first started here, I was nervous about starting.  And then all my professional relationships turned into personal relationships and now I just love coming to work, every time.

    Rhasean Scales – Member Services

    Hi, my name is Rhasean Scales.  I am a sophomore at Oakland University.  Also my major is elementary Education.  Here at the Rec, I do member services in which I answer phones, help out customers, and sign people in – which is fun!  And, I guess I like working at the Rec because it’s a great atmosphere!  Everyone knows everyone, everyone is so friendly, and it’s just a great place to work.

    Ally Manor – Peer Wellness Ambassador:

    Hi, my name is Ally and I am a senior studying Communication and Public Relations.  As a Peer Wellness Ambassador, I work to research and develop original programming to educate on various health and wellness topics.  I also work to create content to promote events on our social media platforms.  I love working at Rec Well because I’ve been able to develop my leadership skills and have support along the way.

    Ally Scott – Intramural & Club Sports Graduate Assistant:

    Hello, my name is Ally Scott and I am the Graduate Assistant for Intramural & Club Sports at Oakland University.  We employ intramural officials here who officiate Basketball and Volleyball.   They also assist with administrative functions.  Some reason why people really like the rec and working with us is because we allow for growth and leadership opportunities.

    Mikayla Pearson – Student Development Program Assistant:

    So, we also hire a lot of lifeguards.  Ideally, we only hire American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards. However, if you are not Certified Lifeguard, we will be offering a certification course that you can go through, and as long as you can pass the swim test, you can get certified through us and start working as a lifeguard. 

    As a student employee, Oakland University’s policy can work up to 25 hours on campus per week during the fall and winter semester and 40 hours per week during the summer.  It’s important to keep in mind that this is 25 hours total across all campus jobs, so if you hold more than one job on campus, remember that you can only work a total of 25 hours in the fall and winter and 40 in the summer semesters.

    So now that you have watched this recruitment video, if you are interested in applying to work with us, here at the Rec,  you can do so by reviewing our job descriptions about each of the positions you learned about today and deciding which ones you are most interested in.  You can then fill out our student employee interest form and submit it.  After you submit your interest form,  we will be available to answer any questions you might have about any of the specific positions, or just the application process in general. You can expect to hear back from us within 2 weeks about your interest form.  At that time we will either set up an interview or we might discuss other employment opportunities with you if we think you might be a better fit for another position within our department.  We look forward to receiving your interest form and like I said, feel free to reach out to if you have any questions regarding the application process or any specific positions that we have open.

  2. Seriously consider the jobs you are most interested in and your availability to work this summer and fall.
  3. Fill out the Rec Well Student Applicant Interest Form by March 17, 2021 to be considered for an interview. Students who are interested in applying to work as a Lifeguard at the OU Rec Center, but are not certified as a Lifeguard through the American Red Cross, should complete this form to find out about our FREE Lifeguard Certification Class.
  4. Email with any questions about Rec Well student employment positions or the application process.
  5. Watch the videos below to learn more about all the student employment opportunities at University Recreation & Well-Being
Member Services Assistant:

Promo Video
Responsible for providing a welcoming atmosphere and excellent customer service to all patrons. Duties include controlling access to the Recreation Center, enforcing all departmental policies and procedures, handing out and collecting rental equipment, performing monetary transactions for locker rentals and pro-shop items. Delivering information about departmental services, programs, memberships, and carrying out transactions for all departmental programs and services. Conduct membership intake and occasional facility tours. Previous cash handling and customer service experience preferred. Must be willing to obtain CPR/First Aid Certification upon hire.

Fitness Center Assistant:

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Supervise activity within the Fitness Center and Fitness Annex. Enforce rules and policies throughout all fitness areas and programs. Provide customer service by assisting members with exercises and form as requested, answer questions related to fitness, perform preventative maintenance on fitness related equipment, and instruct various fitness programs and services like Fitness Center Orientations, Fitness Assessments, and Drop-In Body Compositions. Must be willing to obtain First Aid/CPR/AED Certification upon hire.

Facility Ops Crew:

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Assist with: maintaining building and equipment cleanliness and functionality; building setups and tear downs for events; event monitoring; Outdoor Complex play surface maintenance. Those with interest in additional training will also assist with basic bike maintenance. Must be willing to obtain First Aid/CPR/AED Certification upon hire.

Intramural Sports Official:

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Implement Intramural policies and sports rules in order to maintain a level of control, fairness, and safety during competition. Familiarity with sports, and previous participation in intramural sports leagues is preferred.


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Responsible for ensuring the safety of all patrons using the Aquatic Center facilities and to enforce all facility rules and regulations. Provides excellent customer service to all patrons, and perform light cleaning duties around the pool deck. Must have current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training certification prior to being hired.

Wellness Peer Ambassador:

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This position promotes well-being throughout campus by earning the basics of prevention, college wellness, the strategies for change in high-risk behaviors, and listening, responding, and referral skills. Ambassadors are expected to research, develop, and execute interactive non-judgmental programming for the OU campus. Ambassadors will be asked to create awareness of health topics affecting OU students through such means as poster and social media campaigns, newsletters, Public Service Announcements, one-on-one interactions, tabling at health education initiatives and general availability for program participation. Commitment to uphold standards of healthy living by committing (but not limited) to avoiding underage alcohol consumption and illegal drug use. All students in this position must perpetuate a healthy body image, use appropriate gender expressions and identities and language choices as learned in training. Ambassadors must work to recognize the signs and symptoms of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, and engage in some type of stress-relief on a weekly basis. A national certification as a Bacchus Network Peer Health Educator is preferred.

Building Manager:

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This is a leadership position, responsible for the general oversight of the Recreation Center and it’s usage by patrons and user groups. Building Managers enforce all departmental policies, procedures, rules, and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable recreational environment. Managers provide leadership and assistance to part time staff, quality customer service, and appropriate care in emergency situations. Must be willing to obtain CPR/First Aid Certification upon hire.

(only open at specific times - apply under the "other" position)

GroupX Instructor:

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Provide members with fun, safe and effective GroupX classes that cater to all levels of fitness and abilities. Instruction of specialized classes such as Cardio/Strength, Dance, Yoga/Pilates, Kickboxing, and Cycle are offered. Must be able to think quickly, creatively, and without judgment. Certification in Group Exercise instruction by a reputable agency is preferred.  Must be willing to obtain First Aid/CPR/AED Certification upon hire.

Social Media/Blog Intern:

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This position requires an avid blogger/social media fiend with an interest in physical fitness to manage the department's blog, assign articles and assist the marketing graduate assistant with the creation of any written media for the department. This internship would appeal to an undergraduate student looking to gain hands-on experience writing promotional and social media materials and working as part of a marketing team.

Graphic Design Intern:

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This is an exciting opportunity for an undergraduate student looking to gain hands on experience designing promotional pieces for the Rec Center and to work as part of a marketing team. The Graphic Design Intern will assist the Marketing Graduate Assistant with the creation of any print and digital media for University Recreation and Well-Being.

Personal Trainer:

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Provide participants with personally designed, safe, and effective personal training sessions.  Catering to all fitness levels and capabilities, design and oversee training sessions around the clients goals and needs.  Must be able to think quickly, creatively, and without judgment.  Certification in Personal Training by a reputable agency is required to apply.  Must be willing to obtain First Aid/CPR/AED Certification upon hire.

Red Cross CPR/AED Instructor / Lifeguard Instructor:

Responsible for teaching American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer and Health Care Providers, or Lifeguard Training classes. Classes are primarily scheduled one to two Saturday's per month. Must be an American Red Cross certified instructor in one of the following areas:
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor (r.16)
  • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer (r.17)
  • Lifeguard Instructor (r.17)

All applicants are required to submit a RecWell  application. Applications can be e-mailed to Marie VanBuskirk or dropped off at the Welcome Desk of the Recreation Center. Application are kept on file for one year.

Hired applicants will need to complete I-9, Michigan Tax Form, and Federal Tax Form and turn into the Financial Aid Office, 120 North Foundation Hall.   Forms can be printed from the Financial Aid Employment web page.

Guidelines/Requirements for Internship Applicants
  • Preference given to students with experience and/or coursework in Exercise Science or Wellness Health Promotion field.
  • Interns are expected to make a one semester commitment. Two semesters are preferred (fall/winter, winter/summer, summer/fall). Scheduling and office hours are flexible depending on class schedules and required number of internship hours.
  • Business casual attire is expected during office hours.
  • Positive health habits are expected during internship commitment.
  • This is an unpaid internship.
The Experience

Please view the complete Wellness Internship or Fitness Internship description. Each experience is tailored to best fit each student’s personal interest in fitness, wellness, and health promotion. Students will participate in a variety of projects which will provide experience in many of the following areas:
  • OU Wellness Fair development
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Marketing
  • Health and fitness screenings
  • Website content development and review
  • Campus and community outreach
  • Programming for students, OU employees, and special groups
  • Employee wellness
  • Educational presentations
  • Fitness Center equipment, staffing, and programming
  • Health awareness initiatives
  • Collaborations with campus partners
  • Group exercise class implementation
How to Apply

Complete and submit:
  • Cover letter (including specific goals and objectives for the internship experience)
  • Resume
  • Three references (academic and professional)
Consideration Deadlines:
  • Fall/Winter consideration- application materials must be received by May 15 
  • Winter/Summer consideration- application materials must be received by November 15
  • Summer/Fall consideration- application materials must be received by March 15
Submit WELLNESS Applications electronically to Becky Lewis, Associate Director of Programs to
Submit FITNESS Applications electronically to Hailey Forbes, Fitness Coordinator to

Or mail to:
Oakland University
University Recreation and Well-Being
Attn: Becky Lewis (Wellness) OR Hailey Forbes (Fitness)
155 RAC
Rochester, MI 48309
Fitness & WellnessFilled
IM & Club SportsFilled
Salary:$7,200.00 (September – April); $3,600.00 (optional) (May – August),
Full In-State and Out-of-State Tuition and Fees Paid 
Location:Rochester, MI (Oakland University)

Applicant Minimum Requirements:
  • Undergrad Degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Admittance to an Oakland University Degree Program
How to Apply for a RecWell Graduate Assistantship:

Please e-mail a completed resume, with the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three professional references to the appropriate contact below.


Resources for Potential Applicants: