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Group Exercise

Important Dates: 

  • Summer schedule begins: May 3
  • No classes Jul. 1- Jul. 6
  • Schedule ends: Aug. 14
  • NEW schedule begins: Sep. 2


Online registration

Contact us for more info:
Hailey Forbes
Fitness and Programs Coordinator 
(248) 370-4911
Becky Lewis 
(248) 370-4910

Group Exercise

University Recreation and Well-Being offers a weekly schedule of Group Exercise (GroupX) fitness classes for physical activity, stress management and social interaction. Our schedule of over 25 virtual and outdoor classes offers a variety of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility workouts for fitness enthusiasts at any level. Pre-registration is required and can be done online through the portal or in person at the time of arrival. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Face coverings are required and please adhere to social distancing guidelines. Fitness staff will be cleaning and disinfecting all equipment before and immediately following class. Instructors are CPR/AED and First Aid certified, and most hold nationally recognized group fitness certifications. 

All classes on the schedule are free for students, faculty, staff and Recreation Center members. Non-members are eligible to participate in virtual classes only and require registration through portal.

GroupX Pass Structure
  • All classes on the schedule are free for students, faculty, staff and Recreation Center members. Non-members are eligible to participate in virtual classes only and require registration through portal.
GroupX Schedule (Modifications/Changes/Cancellations)

Summer Schedule



3-2-1 Shred
Rev up that metabolism with this continuous cardiovascular and strength endurance workout. 3-2-1 Shred consists of 3 minutes of cardio to 2 minutes of strength training to 1 minute of core exercises. Doing short bursts of exercise kicks up the intensity and will offer a unique workout in only 45 minutes!

6-Pack Attack
Challenge the core muscles with this intense 30-minute class. Focus on strengthening your abdominals and lower back while improving your balance and coordination. This advanced class utilizes stability balls, BOSU™ trainers, and floor work to keep your core looking and feeling stronger than ever.

Abs, Glutes, & Thighs
Reshape your lower body through this strength based workout. Tone the abdominals, lift the glutes, and strengthen and tone the thighs.

Arms & Abs
This class is dedicated to shredding those arms and toning that core!

Belly Dancing
Belly dancing is the world's oldest dance form. This class will improve posture, balance, coordination, core strength and flexibility while toning and working on all parts of the body!

Body Barre
Arabesque, releve, rond de jambe, plie. Get the grace, balance, strength, and flexibility of a dancer in this ballet-conditioning workout. Technique will be developed. No prior dance experience required.

Bodyweight Boot Camp
Get ready for an extreme boot camp style workout that is done using your bodyweight as the resistance!

Cardio & Core
Cardio & Core adds a new dimension to this fun and effective workout! Cardio conditioning to start the class warms you up with the core conditioning putting the finishing touches on this total body cardio workout.

Cardio Dance Party
It is time for the ultimate dance party! Inspirations for this exciting workout are hip-hop, funk, jazz, Latin, modern, etc. A great cardio workout to get that heart rate going. Routines are fun and easy to follow! No dance experience required.

Circuit City
Get your heart rate up with a circuit style class that will incorporate strength training and cardio exercises. Work every muscle as you burn calories using various types of fitness equipment from the BOSU® to medicine balls to jump ropes.

Cycle is an exhilarating indoor cycling cardiovascular workout that is designed to get your heart pumping! Enjoy lively music while sprinting, climbing, jumping, and isolating on a stationary bike. This class is suitable for all fitness levels so come on in for a ride!

Dance/Strength Combo
A class that culminates dancing with strength! Come show us your moves while improving your strength leaving you with healthier bones and joints!

Express HIIT
High Intensity Interval Training! This class will utilize alternating short intense periods of anaerobic exercises with less intense periods of recovery for the ultimate muscular endurance workout. Come ready to leave with some sweat and a smile knowing you got the most bang for your buck!

Insane Circuit
Get your heart rate up with a circuit style class that will incorporate strength training and cardio exercises. The instructor will surprise you every week with different equipment!

A high energy cardio class combining various kicks and punches to get your heart pumping!

Low Impact Cardio
Get your body moving with this low impact class that highlights traditional aerobic fitness moves. It's easy on the joints and gets your heart rate up.

Step & Strength
Step and Strength is a fun and effective workout. This class will condition your heart, challenge your endurance and sculpt and tone major muscle groups.

Strength Circuit
This class is designed for those who want to develop muscular strength and endurance.

Tabata Training
Test your fitness level in this ultimate strength and endurance workout. Developed by scientist Izumi Tabata, this class will utilize 20 seconds of intense training followed by 10 seconds of rest. Your physical and mental toughness will never be stronger!

Total Body Sculpt
A high-energy, total body toning workout with cardio bursts throughout! Upbeat music and challenging, yet doable exercises with weights will get you in great shape. Set your goals high because this class is designed to push you as an individual. All fitness levels welcome!

TRX Strength Circuit
Try this no-nonsense intense metabolic workout with TRX Suspension Trainers. This format is designed to give you the most bang for your buck, as our instructor moves from lower body to upper body to core!

Xtreme Fit
Come try this high intensity, functional movement training class. This class will consist of body weight movements, strength training, throwing, and jumping engaging the entire body.

Zumba® combines high-energy and motivating music with unique, easy to follow, moves and combinations. Add some spice and flare to your workout with this Latin-based group exercise class that is fun and easy to do. No dance experience required.

Zumba Dance Party
It is time for the ultimate dance party! Zumba® combines high-energy and motivating music with unique, easy to follow, moves and combinations. Inspirations for this exciting workout are the Latin-based group exercise that Zumba presents infused with hip-hop, funk, jazz, etc. No dance experience required!

Yoga & Pilates (Mind/Body)
We put levels on our mind and body classes to help you decide the best class for you!
Level 1: Just getting started/some experience
Level 2: Some experience/working to improve
Level 3: Experienced/more advanced!
Ashtanga Yoga (2 or 3)
Strengthen your core and tone your whole body with this highly choreographed form of yoga. Learn to pair breathing with each movement and create discipline in your flow.
Gentle Yoga & Meditation (All Levels)
Escape the day and calm your mind and body through this flow with smooth and simple movements and guided meditation.
Let Go & Flow Yoga (All Levels)
This alignment based class has a chill vibe, while focusing on the meditative qualities of linking breath to movement. This all-levels class is about cultivating ease- in movement, breath, and life.
Slow Flow Yoga (All Levels)
Quiet your mind, relax your body and just chill out! Focus on improving strength, balance, flexibility, circulation, and inner peace using traditional yoga poses and sequence.
Pilates (All Levels)
Developed about 100 years ago, this method of exercise focuses on muscular strength, endurance and low-impact flexibility. Pilates movements emphasize core strength, muscle balance and correct postural alignment.
Power Yoga (2 or 3)
A vigorous, fast-paced cardiovascular yoga workout geared for the intermediate to advanced yoga enthusiast. This format will challenge your body and mind to reach new heights!
Yin Yoga (All Levels)
This slow-paced class is all about relaxation and holding different postures and stretches for an extended period of time.
YogaMedics (All Levels)
YogaMedics implements an integrative approach that incorporates elements of clinical therapy with the physical and psychological benefits of yoga.
Yoga Sculpt (2 or 3) 
Yoga Sculpt is a yoga flow with weights! This true total body workout includes cardio, yoga, and weight-lifting all packed into one hour
Yoga Pilates Fusion (All Levels)
Transform your body and exhilarate your mind at the same time! A subtle blending of Pilates and Yoga, this mind body experience focuses on muscle strength and toning, balance, body alignment, stabilization, and flexibility. The movements strengthen the entire body utilizing abdominals, back, hip, and postural muscles as the core of each movement while increasing blood flow.
GroupX Class Policies
  • Pre registration is required for all classes through the portal.
  • For in-person classes all participants must check-in with the Fitness Staff on duty prior to class start time.
  • Participants must wear a facial covering to all in-person classes, and be mindful of social distancing guidelines. 
  • Fitness classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are more than 5 minutes late for any fitness class, it is up to the instructor to allow you to participate in class.
  • Participants are requested not to leave class early. If you plan to leave early, please let the instructor know before class and please take time to cool down on your own time. If during class you aren’t feeling well, please alert the instructor and they will call the Building Manager to assist.
  • Class Cancellation Policies: If one or zero individual(s) show up for a class it will be cancelled. If two individuals show, the instructor has the authority to decide to run a half-time class or full class. If three or more individuals show, the class will run its normal length.
  • All group exercise classes are subject to cancellation for University Holidays, emergencies, or weather restrictions.

Studios Policies
  • Proper footwear is required during fitness classes. Proper footwear includes athletic supportive shoes only. All athletic shoes must be non-marking soles. Proper athletic shoes required for all group exercise except for Mind/Body, Barre, and Aqua classes.
  • Workout attire must fully cover the midsection and shirts and/or sporting tops cannot be removed. Bottoms must be an acceptable length, and no skirts or dresses are permitted. Instructors reserve the right to enforce clothing policies within the exercise space.
  • Participants are asked to disinfect and put away all equipment and mats at the completion of class. No cell phones, iPods, laptops, or other distracting devices allowed during class. The instructor has the right to enforce this policy if a device is interrupting with class.
  • Water, in a closed container, is the only beverage allowed in the studio unless permissible by professional staff.
  • Other personal belongings that are not being used or worn during class must be kept outside of the exercise space in your vehicle or dorm room. University Recreation and Well-Being is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
Students and ALL paying Recreation Center members are entitled to an unlimited group exercise FitPass at the Welcome Center, Member Services Desk or online. OU Benefits-Eligible employees must purchase a FitPass for all of the group exercise classes on the schedule which includes mind/body (yoga & pilates) classes. 

OU Benefits-Eligible employees have the option to purchase an Employee Friendly FitPass that allows access to select group exercise classes on the schedule.  Employee Friendly classes are marked with an EF and/or * and are classes in the before work, traditional lunch hour, and after work time slots.  FitPasses are good for the current semester only. All passes expire at the end of the semester and are not transferable.


OU Benefits-Eligible Employees

All GroupX Classes

Single Class Pass


12-Class Pass


24-Class Pass


Employee Friendly Unlimited Class Pass


Unlimited Semester Class Pass


Guests of OU students and Recreation Center members can purchase a Single Class FitPass. Guests must purchase an $8/day Recreation Center Guest Pass AND a $5 Single Class FitPass ($13 total). Even though the Guest Pass is good for the entire day, Single Class FitPasses are only good for one class. Policies on class admittance for students and members apply equally for guests.

How to Purchase and Use a FitPass:
  • FitPasses can be purchased or registered for at the Welcome Center, Member Services Desk or online.
  • On the day/time of the class being attended, stop at the Member Services Desk (lower level of Recreation Center across from Studio 897) and show your Oakland University ID card or key fob.
  • Single passes are good for one class only and do not have to be used on the day they are purchased.
  • The Member Services Assistant will swipe your ID/key fob to verify that you have purchased or registered for a FitPass. 12 and 24 class passes will be reduced by one class for every class taken. Participants will be notified when there are four classes remaining on the card. 
  • You will be given a class admission card.
  • Yoga mats can be checked out (if you do not bring your own) at the Member Services Desk at the same time of picking up the class admission card.
  • Class admission cards should be taken to the class with you and given to the door attendant or instructor.
  • All participants must present a class admission card to take a class.
For Us
University Recreation and Well-Being is always looking for new instructors! If you have experience teaching a group exercise class format we want to hear from you! Please contact us at (248) 370-4911 to set up an audition and interview. Oakland University students are highly encouraged to apply! 

Fit Flix
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GroupX Event

Looking for a GroupX Instructor for your next event? 

We are more than happy to teach classes, put on workshops, or do fun events with our on-campus community. If you have a great idea that you would like us to come present/teach on, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Simply fill out this form and we will be in contact with you soon in regards to your next event request.