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Rec Well Sports

The Rec Well Sports program at Oakland University provides a variety of activities to meet the needs of a diverse campus community. The program offers both competitive and recreational activities that focus on getting students, faculty, staff and affiliates of the University involved in activities that promote lifetime fitness and wellness practices. Participating in Rec Well Sports does not require any prior experience and is a great way to become involved while in college.

How to Register

Purchase a Rec Well Sports Pass for unlimited access to all sports for the semester. Passes can be purchased by signing into the Rec Well Portal and clicking Membership, then New Membership. All Rec Well sports participants are required to register through the Rec Well Portal and must be listed on a team roster prior to participation.

How to Register for an Intramural Sport
  1. Go to the Rec Well Portal
  2. Login with your OU NetID and password
  3. Click on the Rec Well Sports icon button
  4. Click on Rec Well Sports and register for the sport(s) of your choice
For Team Captains

To Create a Team:

  • Select “Register”
  • Select your sport, league, and time slot
  • Click “Register” then “Register a Team”
  • Name your team, click submit, and sign waiver

To Invite Members:

  • Select “My Team”
  • Click your team name then click “Pending Roster”
  • Click “Invite Player” and search by using player’s email
  • Click “Add” then “Add Players”

For Players to Joining a Team:

  • Find email invitation sent from team captain
  • Sign waiver
  • Make online payment for the sport or purchase Rec Well Sports Pass

For Players to Joining as a Free Agent:

  • Select “Register”
  • Select your sport, league, and time slot
  • Click “Register” then “Register as a Player”
  • Click “Become Free Agent”
  • If you are picked up by a team, an email invitation will be sent
  • Then follow steps "For Players Joining a Team"
Rec Well Sports Schedule

For a current schedule of Rec Well Sports, visit the Rec Well Portal for a full line up.

Policies and Procedures

It is the responsibility of all intramural sports participants to familiarize themselves and comply with current intramural policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are subject to change, however, all appropriate parties will be notified of any changes.


All currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, alumni and affiliates of Oakland University may participate in the Intramural Sports Program. However, alumni and university affiliates must purchase a Rec Center membership to be eligible. All participants must present their student ID at all intramural activities. No ID, no play, no exception.

In addition:

  • A player is prohibited from playing with more than one intramural team in the same league. Individuals may play with a men's team and a co-rec team or a women's team and a co-rec team. The Intramural Sports Office must approve the transfer of players to another roster, and each case is heard on an individual basis.
  • Any team that allows an ineligible player to play on their team will forfeit each game in which the ineligible player participates. 
  • Any team with a player using an assumed name will forfeit that game. The player(s) involved will be ineligible to compete the remainder of the season or tournament. 
  • Each team must submit a finalized roster before the end of the regular season. No changes can be made to the rosters after this time.
Intercollegiate and Professional Athletes

Any person who has practiced, competed or is otherwise recognized as being a member of an intercollegiate team is prohibited from participating on an intramural team in that sport or a related sport during that academic year.

Former collegiate letter winners are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program if at least one entire year has elapsed since their last participation with an intercollegiate team. No more than one collegiate letter winner may represent an intramural team in his/her lettered sport.

Individuals considered to be professional athletes are not allowed to participate in intramural sports in their respective or related sport. However, professional athletes will be permitted to participate in intramural sports if they have been inactive for a period of five or more calendar years.

Sports Club Members

Sport club members are eligible to participate in all intramural sports. However, intramural team rosters can only have two club members of that sport, or related sport.

Assumption of Risk

Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation in recreational sports activities. Campus Recreation does not provide insurance coverage for participants.

Individuals who participate in intramural sports do so at their own risk. Participation in any recreational sports activity is voluntary. Oakland University and Campus Recreation are not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals participating in any recreational sports activity.

How to Get Involved

Fraternities, sororities, residence halls and independent organizations are encouraged to select a manger/team captain to handle operations for their respective intramural team. An intramural sports information meeting is held at the beginning of each semester. At this meeting, managers/captains are given information about upcoming intramural sports and special events as well as any changes in intramural sports policies and procedures. This information should be relayed to the other members of the team by the managers/captains.

All official entries are accepted at the Rec Center Office until the posted deadline. All team rosters must be completed on the proper entry form before submitting. Each roster must have all of the contact information filled in completely before it is accepted. Refundable forfeit fees are due when entries are submitted. Schedules will be prepared and distributed at the captains meeting for each sport.

Team Captain/Co-Captain Responsibilities
  1. Attend all meetings pertaining to his/her team's activity
  2. Submit the appropriate team rosters and make all necessary changes
  3. Pick up schedule
  4. Notify team members of date, time and location of contest, and notify team members of any changes to the schedule
  5. Enter team lineup on appropriate score sheets
  6. Assist in the recruitment of sports officials
  7. Sign the game score sheet after each contest to verify accuracy of the score
  8. Be knowledgeable of all playing rules governing the activity in which they are participating in addition to all eligibility rules
Classification of Divisions

Activities are divided into three divisions of competition for which all University Champions will be determined: men’s, women’s and co-rec. Not all divisions exist for each activity.

  • Women's Division — This division is composed of individuals/teams consisting of eligible participants representing female undergraduate/graduate students and female faculty/staff. Participants in this division also may participate simultaneously in the co-rec division.
  • Men's Division — This division is composed of individuals/teams consisting of eligible participants representing male undergraduate/graduate students and male faculty/staff. Participants in this division also may participate simultaneously in the co-rec division.
  • Co-Rec Division — This division is composed of individuals/teams consisting of eligible participants representing female and male undergraduate/graduate students as well as female and male faculty/staff. Participants in this division also may participate simultaneously in either a women's or men's division activity.

All participants of Intramural Sports are obligated to conduct themselves in a manner that fosters a safe, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all players and spectators. The Department of Campus Recreation will not tolerate actions that are considered prejudice, rude, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike in nature.


Any individual that is involved in fighting, verbal or physical abuse, or purposefully harming or injuring another participant, spectator or employee of the Department of Campus Recreation is subject to being banned from participating in Intramural Sports as well as possibly being reported to the Dean of Students Office.

Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Alcohol and controlled substances are not permitted on or around the Intramural Sports playing areas. If an individual appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance, they will not be allowed to participate in Intramural Sports. Participants whom violate this policy will be reported to the Dean of Students Office for possible judicial sanctions.

Tobacco Products

The use of tobacco products on or around the Intramural Fields is prohibited.

  • The Intramural Sports Staff reserves the right and is obligated to not allow participants and/or spectators that show signs of intoxication or have in their possession alcohol or controlled substances to participate in any Intramural Sports activity or event.
  • If a team receives three (3) unsportsmanlike penalties during a game it will result in an automatic forfeiture of that game and an unacceptable rating. The team captain will be required to meet with the Coordinator and/or Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports before his/her team will be allowed to continue participation in that sport.

In an effort to maintain a high quality of sportsmanship in our Intramural Sports program, the following sportsmanship expectations have been adopted:

Team Sportsmanship Rating System

The development of team and individual sportsmanship is of fundamental importance in all intramural sports activities. The Sportsmanship Rating System is intended to be an objective scale by which teams’ attitude and behavior can be assessed throughout the intramural sports league and playoff seasons. Behavior before, during, and after an intramural sport contest is included in the rating. The team manager is responsible for education and informing all players and spectators affiliated with his/her team about the system. To encourage acceptable conduct before, during, and after intramural sports contests, officials and/or supervisors shall make decisions whether to warn, penalize, or eject persons for poor sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship Rating Scale

The sportsmanship rating scale ranges from 4-0; 4 being equated with the best sportsmanship and with 0 being poor sportsmanship. The Sportsmanship rating scale is based on sportsmanship infractions (SI), which include unsportsmanlike penalties in flag football, unsportsmanlike technical fouls in basketball, and unsportsmanlike yellow cards in soccer and volleyball. All other team sports, even though they do not have automatic deductions, still closely follow the model.

  • 1 SI = 1 unsportsmanlike penalty, 1 technical foul, or 1 yellow card
  • 2 SI = 1 red card, 2 yellow cards, 2 unsportsmanlike penalties, or 2 technical fouls

A team is responsible for the actions of the individual team members and spectators related to it. The team captain’s efforts in assisting officials/staff to calm difficult situations and to restrain troubled teammates are critical to controlling team conduct. Intramural sports officials and/or supervisors/graduate assistants shall determine acceptable and unacceptable team ratings. Appeals for unacceptable ratings will not be recognized. The Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports and/or Graduate Assistant will determine season ending ratings. The Intramural Sports Program staff also reserve the right to review any rating given to a team. Regardless of the division or league, teams displaying good sportsmanship and receiving at least a 3 sportsmanship average throughout the league will be eligible for playoffs. During playoffs, sportsmanship must remain at 3 or higher in order to advance.

4 (Good Sportsmanship)

  • 0 Sportsmanship infractions issued to the team/individual
  • Cooperate with and demonstrate good sportsmanship opponents, spectators, and all IM staff
  • Exhibits control over his/her team and spectators, converses reasonably and rationally with officials about rule interpretations/calls, and cooperates by providing any information requested by IM staff
  • Participate in the spirit and intent of the intramural sport game rules and/or program policies. Team members accept judgment decisions made by the officials during the contest
  • Respect is shown for Oakland University Campus Recreation facilities and equipment

3 (Average Sportsmanship)

  • 1 Sportsmanship infraction was issued to the team/individual
  • Participants display disagreement/frustration with decisions of IM staff/officials
  • Questioning of judgment/rules interpretation not presented in a respectful manner
  • Minor incidents of unsportsmanlike behavior towards opponents, spectators or staff
    • Examples include, but are not limited to, trash talk, cursing in any manner, publicly questioning an official's abilities, mocking the skill level of an opponent

2 (Unacceptable Sportsmanship)

  • 2 Sportsmanship infractions were issued to the same team/individual or 1 player was ejected
  • Participants/Spectators who continually complained about officials' decisions and displayed dissension, complaints include both verbal and nonverbal behavior, excessive arguing between opposing teams/spectators
  • Captain exhibited little control over his/her team and spectators, conversed in a dissenting manner with officials about rule interpretations/calls and did not cooperate

1 (Game Ending Sportsmanship)

  • 3 Sportsmanship infractions were issued to the same team/individual, which ended the contest
  • Team members did not meet eligibility requirements for participation in the OU Intramural Sports Program
  • Playing with participants who were on the outstanding ejection list or had been suspended from participation in the Intramural Sports Program
  • Public indecency, vulgarity, or obscenity
  • Individuals/teams played after the consumption of alcohol/drugs. If the contest has begun when this is discovered, the player(s) will be immediately removed from the facility, and the contest could be forfeited to the opponent

0 (Season Ending Sportsmanship)

  • Multiple ejections or blatant unsportsmanlike conduct that endangered participants, fans, officials, or supervisors occurred
  • Physical abuse by participants/spectators in the form of fighting and/wrestling with an opponent and/or teammate which occurred before, during, or after an Intramural Sports contest
  • Any threatening behavior (verbal and/or nonverbal) to any Oakland University Intramural Sports or Campus Recreation employee, participant, or spectator which occurred before, during, or after an Intramural Sports contest
  • Damage to or destruction of any OU property or OU Campus Recreation facilities or equipment
  • Any violation of the OU Student Code of Conduct
  • Team/Individual was uncooperative and out of control before, during, or after intramural sports contest(s)
  • Team/Individual failed to cooperate/comply with intramural sports administrative staff/University officials while performing their duties; falsely represented or withheld any requested information

Teams and Individuals who behave in a manner described above may be suspended at the discretion of the coordinator from one game up to the rest of their time at Oakland University. Any player suspended from intramural sports will remain so until after a meeting and a formal reinstatement by the coordinator and/or Intramural Advisory Board.

A player that is ejected from an intramural contest must meet with the IM coordinator before he/she will be allowed to continue participation in IM sports. All appointments must be scheduled. All players ejected from an intramural contest must serve a minimum one-game suspension in addition to any sanctions imposed by the coordinator of intramural sports.

In the event of a suspension, the judgment of the coordinator will be effective immediately. An appeal of a decision by the coordinator may be submitted in writing to the assistant director of programs for the Department of Campus Recreation within 48 hours of the decision. The assistant director of programs will notify and submit the appeal to the Intramural Sports Advisory Board chairperson. The decision of the Intramural Sports Advisory Board is final and may not be appealed.

The coordinator of intramural sports will make a decision on all disciplinary cases within 48 hours of the related incident.


Teams are expected to be ready to play at game time. Any team failing to report to participate at the scheduled starting time shall forfeit to their opponent. If both teams fail to report to participate, each team will be given a forfeit and the game will not be rescheduled. This applies to all team, individual and special event contests.

Types of Forfeits: A team may receive a forfeit for improper uniform, no-show, showing up after the grace period has expired, playing with an ineligible player, not calling in before the default time (1pm)-day of game, or if Sunday game 1pm Friday, and for acts of poor sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship Rating for Forfeits: A team that forfeits will not receive a sportsmanship rating for that game, either will the team that wins by forfeit. (Unless it is called due to behavior)

Limit of Forfeits: During regular season two (2) forfeits for any of the above reasons will drop a team from future competition.

Tournament Forfeit: A forfeit during any tournament play will eliminate a team from competition.

Grace Period:
Teams/players will be granted a grace period IF it is stated in the sport rules. The game/match may begin at any time until the grace period has expired with the time remaining as indicated on the clock and points awarded as outlined in sport specific rules. If after the grace period the game/match has not begun, it will be forfeited to the opponent. If neither team/player is prepared to play, a forfeit or double forfeit will be declared as appropriate.

Winning by Forfeit: In order for a team to receive a win by forfeit, it must have the minimum number of players required to begin play according to the rules of that sport. These players must be at the scheduled location at the scheduled time “ready to play”.


Teams or individual that know in advance that they will not be able to participate in a scheduled game or event may request an advanced default. Games declared a “default” will result in a loss for the defaulting team and a win for the opposing team. Only the team captain may request an advanced default. All requests for a default must be done in person, by 1p.m. on the day of the contest and should be directed to the Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports.  For weekend games the request for a default loss must be made by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the game.  A default means a loss will be assessed against the team's record, but the team will remain in competition and still be eligible to receive the refundable forfeit fee at the end of the season.

Scheduling Playoffs

The Intramural Sports Staff will prepare all regular season and playoff schedules. Scheduling concerns or questions may be directed to the Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports. All scheduling conflicts should be reported to the Coordinator as soon as possible, so the proper actions may be taken to resolve the issue.

All teams are eligible for the playoffs if they finish the regular season, had a representative at the captain’s meeting, and have not forfeited two (2) times. Teams participating in the playoffs may be required to play on nights and times that differ from their regular season schedule.


The Department of Campus Recreation is willing to cooperate with teams in extraordinary circumstances by allowing a rare postponement. However, due to limited facilities and relatively short seasons, requests for postponement should be kept to a minimum. A scheduled contest can only be postponed with the agreement of both team captains and the approval of the coordinator. The responsibility for coordinating a postponement will fall on the team wishing to postpone the contest. In the event that a postponed contest cannot be rescheduled, the team requesting postponement must forfeit, resulting in a loss.

Weather Postponements

In the event of inclement weather, a decision on play will be made by 2:30 p.m. the day of the contest. Team captains will be contacted via telephone or e-mail by the intramural staff notifying them of postponements. An attempt will be made by the Intramural Office to reschedule all postponed contest. However, if regular-season contests are not rescheduled, each team will be credited with a win for that particular game. Postponements during the playoffs will be rescheduled.


Rescheduling of games is discouraged because of the lack of time and facility space constraints we have to play the games. There is no guarantee that games can or will be rescheduled.

To reschedule a game a specific procedure must be observed:
Call your opponent and request to reschedule. Arrange a time to meet at the Intramural Office during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm) to select the new time. Both managers must meet at the office at the same time with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports. Reschedule the game to a mutually agreeable time with an IM Sports representative at the office.

You are required to complete this procedure by 5 p.m. the day before the game, for Sunday games this must be done the Friday before by noon. If games are called due to weather, teams may choose to reschedule the rained out game by meeting at the Recreational Sports Office to select a make-up date.


Protests may only be filed for the use of an ineligible player or a misinterpretation of the rules. An official's judgment is not, under any circumstance, grounds for protest.

All protests must be registered by the team captain with an official of the contest at the time the dispute occurs. The attending official then must notify both teams that a protest has been made.

Player eligibility protests can be filed with the IM supervisor only if the player in question participates in the contest. Player eligibility protests must be filed during or immediately after the related contest.

Rules interpretation protests must be made with the officials immediately following the questioned incident and before the ball is put back into play. All rule interpretation protests will be handled on site by the IM staff. If the team is not satisfied with the ruling of the IM staff, a typed formal protest can be made to the coordinator of intramural and club sports within 24 hours of the dispute.