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University Technology Services

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University Technology Services provides telephone services to the Oakland University campus community. Telephone services include local calls, long distance calls, conference calls, voicemail, desktop phones, fax systems, and other services.

Telephone support includes processes and procedures to handle requests or trouble reports. Trouble reports generally consist of line problems, phone problems, and voicemail requests. Other phone requests consist of moving, adding or changing phone lines or features.

May 2019

Telephone Instruction Guides

For instructions on Cisco phones, please review the following documents:

Quick references:

  • To transfer a call, press the “Transfer” soft-key once to initiate a new call to the number. Once you are done talking to the person to whom you want to transfer the call, hit the “Transfer” soft-key again before hanging up. If you hang up, you will have to resume the call and transfer it again.
  • To send an incoming call to voicemail, press the “iDivert” soft-key. This will send the currently ringing call to your voicemail box.
  • To place a call on hold, press the “Hold” soft-key. Press the “Resume” soft-key to pick the call back up.
  • To check your voicemail, press the “Messages” key. This will call the voicemail system.
Voicemail Instructions

Voicemail is available with most phone activations for faculty, staff and students on campus. Each Voicemail box can store up to 30 minutes of messages and they can be saved for 30 days. To access your mailbox on campus, press the PHML button on your phone or dial x4244 and follow the voice-prompt instructions. If you are off campus, dial 248-370-4244 to access your mailbox from a touch-tone phone. To request a Voicemail password reset, please send an e-mail to uts@oakland.edu.

  • Setup a new Voicemail box
    • Dial extension 4244 from your personal desk phone, press the PHML button from your personal desk phone or dial extension 4244 from any campus phone and press * key followed by the assigned phone extension.
    • Enter default password 1357.
    • Follow the prompts to record your name and record a personal greeting.
    • Follow the prompts to change your 4-digit PIN, noting that the PIN cannot be all the same (i.e., 9999), cannot be consecutive (i.e, 1234), and cannot be the same as the extension.  
  • To manage a Call Tree (record greetings)
    • Dial extension 3600 from a campus phone or call (248) 370-3600.
    • Follow the prompts to enter your extension followed by the # key.
    • Enter Voicemail pin followed by the # key.
    • Enter the call tree extension to be modified followed by the # key.
    • Follow the Greetings Administrator prompts to toggle between the alternate and standard call handler greetings or to record a new call handler greeting.

Telephone support includes trouble reports on phone services and requests for phone moves, adds, and changes (called MAC requests). To request support, please send an email describing the requested support to uts@oakland.edu. MAC requests include:

  • Adding a phone to a new office
  • Moving a phone from one office to another
  • Swapping phones between offices
  • Changing features on a phone
  • Office or department moves

There are no costs when UTS responds to trouble reports or most MAC requests; however, there may be a cost associated with new hardware or services.

Directory Information
  • For the directory assistance, check the online directory Campus Directory or call dial "0" M-F, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
  • For police assistance other than emergencies, dial "3331".
  • For emergency assistance, dial "911".
  • Information that is not appearing correctly on the Campus Directory should be reported directly to the department responsible for the information. Office addresses are retrieved from the Banner system (OF address type) that is maintained by the department or by the individual using SAIL.
Cisco Conference Calling

The campus has enabled advanced Cisco conference calling features for use on campus extensions. The conference calling feature, called a conference bridge, requires set-up in advance and may be used as an ongoing service once established. Both internal and external participants may call into and use the conference bridge once it is created. Up to ten people may participate in a conference call. To set up this feature for an extension in your department, please follow these steps:

  1. Open an email to send a request to: uts@oakland.edu.
  2. Provide the extension to enable with the conference bridge feature.
  3. Provide the phone extensions that will need to have access to the phone extension enabled with the conference bridge feature.
  4. Provide a five digit PIN for the call host to use to start a conference call.
  5. Provide a five digit PIN for the call participants to use to join the conference call.
  6. Send the email; this will open a request ticket.

Once UTS has enabled and configured the conference bridge feature, please review the documentation for instructions for ongoing use.