A close-up photo of a white coat with the OUWB patch in focus.


From inception, OUWB was designed to transform medical education by emphasizing holistic physician development – a “liberal arts medical education” that is grounded in evidence-based medical science.

An OUWB student helps a student with an eye exam.We select  students who bring attributes and experiences predictive of a future holistic approach to medical school and who demonstrate the academic aptitude to excel in the study of medical science.

Students stand, holding programs, at the white coat ceremony.We immerse our students in a diverse learning environment and aspire to facilitate the growth of a medical student into a physician who is competent, compassionate, communicative and culturally-aware. 

An M4 presents his research poster to a faculty member at the annual Capstone Colloquium
We guide students along a path of personal and professional development designed to last a lifetime. We encourage students to develop a passion for lifelong learning while equipping them with research, design, and presentation skills.

A student works in the field picking greens as part of the annual First Day of ServiceWe engage our students in serving the needs of local and global communities in multiple ways. Our students are dedicated to donating their time – the 125 students in the Class of 2027 completed more than 106,000 hours of meaningful community engagement before coming to OUWB – and we aim to support and develop this commitment.

A faculty members hosts an anatomy session for students.Each staff member, faculty member and member of the OUWB leadership has been recruited on the basis of talent and emotional intelligence. We pay attention not only to experience, but also to the ability to deliver inspired scholarship, teaching and service. We are devoted to building a community that embraces a fluid exchange of ideas across disciplines and takes pleasure in the accomplishments of the school and those within it.
The Significance of the OUWB Patch

The White Coat Patch represents OUWB's Core Values. A circle represents a community. If just one point is dropped, the circle is broken. This teaches us that everyone in the communities we serve has infinite value.

OUWB White Coat Patch that represents OUWB's Core Values.

Two points on a circle can be far apart from each other - even 180 degrees apart - and yet, both points are equidistant from the center. This reminds us that as much as we may disagree with each other from time to time - far apart from each other in our thinking - we can still be focused equally on our core values.

Two circles border the OUWB patch.

On one level, the two circles represent the two founding institutions: the inner blue circle represents Beaumont Health and the outer gold circle represents Oakland University.

On another level, the two circles represent the two questions we ask of ourselves: what do we want to do - answered by the knowledge we acquire and the skills that we master - and who do we want to be - achieved by developing the personal attributes that contribute to a compassionate physician.

And finally, because a circle represents a community, the two circles on our patch represent OUWB’s mission:
OUWB is a community serving our community, locally and globally.