Global Health Prerequisites, Checklist, FAQ and Forms


For those who choose to participate in a global learning experience, OUWB requires that each student:

  1. Follow the official process and complete each step of the OUWB application for foreign travel and all pre-requisites.

  2. Complete the independent self-study modules: Ethical Challenges in Global Health Training developed by the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. These can be accessed at A certificate of completion must be provided and attached to the OUWB Global Experience Pre-Travel Checklist.
  3. Attend one pre-travel orientation session to review documentation, travel precautions and issues relevant to global travel and clinical experiences. Pre- travel orientation sessions will be presented annually in January, March, May, August and November. Specific dates and times will be posted on the PRISM6 site. Students must attend this preparatory session at least three months in advance of their date of travel.

  4. Meet individually with your designated global health director for the experience to prepare for your international away elective plan and to discuss country specific and project specific matters. This meeting must be documented on your Smart Sheet.

  5. Attend a post-travel debrief with your designated global health director within two weeks of returning to the USA.

  6. Write a reflection of your experience and its impact on you.
Pre-travel Checklist

This checklist applies to M4 Electives only. Upon successful completion of an M4 elective, the credits earned will appear on your transcript.

For a more detailed explanation on how to prepare for a global health experience, please view the Orientation Manual. You will receive your Orientation Manual at the pre-travel seminar. 

OUWB Specific Documentation
  • Complete International Away Elective Application for an M4 elective.
  • Register your travel with Oakland University Office of Risk Management.
  • Complete all required documentation for your senior elective host institution.
  • Complete the Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health modules.
  • Document all activities on your individual Smart Sheet. 
Travel Documentation

Give a copy of the documents below to your family or trusted friend before you travel.

  • Verify validity, renew or obtain a US passport.
  • Obtain a visa for your host country and transit points as required.
  • Make copies of your passport and visa – give a copy to your family or trusted friend before you travel.
  • Complete the OUWB Global Health Personal Health Checklist (in the forms tab of this page).
Health and Welfare
  • Schedule a medical consult or appointment at InterHealth.
  • Schedule and complete required immunizations.
  • Organize your medical/health supplies and needs.
  • Obtain a spare pair of eyeglasses.
  • Verify your health insurance.
  • Learn about health and disease prevention measures for your host country.
  • Learn about crime and safety for your travel and host country.
  • Make arrangements for your housing.
  • Arrange financial matters including your budget for subsistence and cash flow matters.
  • Complete the OUWB Pre-Travel Check List and obtain all required signatures.

What options does OUWB offer students as approved clinical opportunities in global health/global medicine?

OUWB offers an expansive menu of global learning experiences.

  1. A senior elective at an OUWB partner institution.
  2. A short-term intensive with any of CFHI’s 30+ programs
  3. Accompanying a Beaumont Clinical Faculty member on an authorized global experience.

Can I participate in a program offered by a non-OUWB affiliated group/institution?

In the interest of maximizing your learning opportunity and minimizing your personal risk, OUWB strongly recommends that students who wish to engage in a global learning opportunity, participate through one of the many OUWB endorsed programs.

Will a global experience become part of my academic record?

All senior electives that comply with OUWB’s official academic process for away electives and that are successfully completed will become part of your academic record. Other global activities will not receive academic credit.

Does OUWB provide any financial support for global experiences?

As a fairly new school of medicine, OUWB has a limited pool of philanthropic funds to support global learning. Currently, there are three funds that help support global experiences:

  • The Ravitz Foundation (See Ravitz Foundation tab on the OUWB Global Health webpage.)
  • Ananios Diokno Santo Tomas Fund
  • OUWB COMPASS Travel Incentive 

For more information, contact

Are there any scholarships I can apply for that offer financial support for global experiences?

Yes. There are scholarship opportunities through civic organizations (e.g. Rotary International, Lions Club), fraternities and sororities, professional organizations, university alumni associations, and corporate employers. These are best accessed through your home community.

You are encouraged to start planning well in advance to arrange your global engagement, budget appropriately, and obtain financial support. CFHI has a well-established scholarship program including a fund specifically for medical school senior electives.

Can I take my OUWB white coat with me and wear it while on a global senior elective or a short-term service program?

It would be inappropriate for you to wear your OUWB white coat while at another institution or on site with an NGO. Upon arrival at your host institution, you will receive a white coat and/or scrubs to wear while you are there. If you participate with a CFHI program, you will be advised on the appropriate dress for the site where you will be assigned.

While I am on a global project and when I return, can I post my photos on the OUWB website, my Facebook page, and/or any other public or social media sites?

Absolutely not! Photographing patients or others without their consent and posting such photos constitute a violation of medical ethics.

Although HIPAA is not an international law, we expect you to fully abide by its precepts. It is a violation of an individual’s privacy to have his/her image posted on a website, Facebook page or any other electronic media format without his/her explicit consent. You are obligated to comply with OUWB’s Confidentiality Policy on Photographing Subjects whether you are in the USA of working in another country.


You will receive access to the following forms on your Smart Sheet once you are approved for your elective by OUWB Med-Reg. 

  1. International Away Elective Application for OUWB
  2. Application for VSLO Site or OUWB Affiliate Institution
  3. OUWB Global Health Personal Health Checklist
  4. Register with OU Office of Risk Management