Create Proxy Access

You can designate another person (a proxy) to access and view academic and financial aid information on your student account. 

Granting access allows parents/guardians, spouses, and others to stay up-to-date on financial aid awards and requirements, class schedules, grades and more. You control exactly how much information a proxy can view. Once a proxy is added to your  MySAIL account, you control the authorization settings to enable the proxy to view certain pieces of information. Proxy settings are “view only,” meaning a proxy can never make changes to any information in MySAIL.

How to add a proxy in MySAIL:
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  1. Log into MySAIL using your NetID and password
  2. Select Sail
  3. Select Student Services
  4. Select Manage Proxy
  5. Select Add Proxy
  6. Fill in the required fields and select Add Proxy
  7. Once the proxy is added, click on the yellow down arrow next to his/her name
  8. On the Profile tab, select a relationship type from the drop-down menu and indicate a start and stop date for your proxy to have access to your information
  9. On the Authorization tab, select all areas of MySAIL that you would like your proxy to have view-only access

You may also allow a designated person to view your bill and make payment on your account. See Authorized User information on the billing and payments page.

Contact Financial Services

We may be contacted directly at or by phone at (248) 370-3611.