M3 Clerkship Progress Guidelines

Authorizing Body:       Student Performance Review Committee

Author:                          Robert J. McAuley Ph.D.

Date Issued:                July 1, 2016

Last Updated:              4/28/2021

Scope and Applicability:
All students enrolled in the School of Medicine.

Standard Practice Guideline:
A student with multiple M3 clerkship deficiencies will not be allowed to progress to additional clinical experiences until the deficiencies are remediated.

Student with deficiencies across multiple clerkships; either grades of “Incomplete” or “Fail” indicates a significant deficit in clinical knowledge, clinical skills, or both.

A student with an unremediated grade of “Fail” or  “Incomplete” in a clerkship, who then receives a second clerkship grade of “Fail” or “Incomplete” will be immediately withdrawn from all current and future clerkships. 

A grade of “W” will be posted for the current clerkship. The student must remediate at least one of the deficiencies before being eligible to return to clinical training. Approval to return to clinical training with a remaining deficiency is at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Clinical Education in consultation with the Chair of the SPRC. If a student has failed two clerkships, the student must remediate both failures before returning to clinical training. The student will remain enrolled in all longitudinal courses and should continue to attend.

A student withdrawn from a clerkship will not receive partial credit for the clerkship. The student will be required to repeat the entire experience.