OUWB Professional Code of Conduct

Authorizing Body:

Office of the Dean

Responsible Body:

Faculty Advisor on Professionalism

Date Issued:

August 1,2011

Last Update:

January 25, 2018


OUWB is committed to providing a learning environment that promotes mutual respect among students and faculty. In order to do this, we believe that certain principles of professionalism must be upheld. 

Scope and Applicability:

All students enrolled in OUWB

Standard Practice Guideline:


Students will be required to attest and abide by the following tenets:

I affirm that I am a member of a community of professionals striving to live out the highest standards of the practice of medicine.  I will be guided in all my actions by a commitment to integrity, honesty, altruism, and compassion, and will hold all of my colleagues to the same standard.  Not only will I repudiate any conduct that gives even the suggestion of improper behavior, but I will also hold myself responsible for addressing it so that it does not continue.  Furthermore, I recognize that as a member of this community of professionals, just as I will share in the rewards of our collective accomplishments, I will share in the burden of the consequences of improprieties.  Cheating, lying, misrepresentation, and the like, reflect poorly on myself and my community, and I affirm that I am personally accountable for not only myself, but for my classmates, OUWB, and the profession of medicine.

As a member of the OUWB community I will demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and personal integrity.  These attributes are fundamental and essential to the medical profession:

  • Demonstrate altruism and compassion in my interactions with patients, colleagues, and others;
  • Behave in a responsible and respectful manner toward patients, faculty, colleagues, health care workers, and all others;
  • Be accountable for all my actions and understand my duty and commitment to my professional responsibilities and, above all, to patient care;
  • Demonstrate excellence in all my professional endeavors, including the development of medical knowledge and skills to the best of my ability;
  • Address actions or practices on the part of a colleague that significantly breach the principles of honor and integrity.

If I believe that another student's behavior violates these attributes, I am bound by this Code to contact the Associate or Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Associate Dean for Preclinical Medical Education, or Associate Dean for Undergraduate Clinical Education.

Students who fail to attest to or abide by these tenets may be referred to the OUWB Student Performance Review Committee (SPRC).


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