Procedure for Reporting Student Awards
to Committee on Student Awards

Authorizing Body:

Office of the Dean


Nancy Bulgarelli, Keith Engwall

Date Issued:

February 2, 2018

Last Update:



To outline the reporting requirements for tracking recipients of formally recognized student awards as well as student inductees of honor societies, for the purpose of facilitating the Honors Convocation, the Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE), and the annual report of the Committee on Student Awards (CSA).

Scope and Applicability:

OUWB individuals or units currently presenting student awards or inducting students into honor societies such that:

  1. The award or induction is formally recognized by the School of Medicine. Examples include presentation at Honors Convocation and/or inclusion in the MSPE -OR-
  2. Award or induction includes a financial component

Standard Practice Guideline:

OUWB individuals or units that currently present student awards or induct students into honor societies such that they meet the above criteria must submit an annual report to the CSA every January. This report is solely a notification to the CSA. The CSA is not responsible for approving or administering the award or the induction.


By the end of January, individual or unit presenting award or honor society induction completes the Student Award/Honor Society Report Form for each award or honor society induction during the current academic year* (multiple recipients of the same award / inductees into the same honor society may be reported on a single form).

*Although it is acknowledged that the current academic year is still in progress by the deadline, this is when the information is needed in order to be included in the program for Honors Convocation.


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