Title:                                             Student Grading, Progress, and Retest Policy in the                                                                     Preclinical Curriculum

Authorizing Body:                         Curriculum Committee

Date Issued:                                  July 18, 2018

Last Updated:                               June 9, 2020

Scope and Applicability:              All OUWB students enrolled in the M1 and M2 years

Standard Practice Guideline

Rationale: Course grading is under the control of course directors and is based on guidelines and standards expressed in the OUWB student handbook and course syllabi. Decisions on retesting are made by the Office of Medical Education following consultation with course directors and consideration of the student’s overall academic performance.


  1. The minimum breakpoint for the Pass grade is 70% for all preclinical courses. Students must also achieve a 70% average for all high stakes examinations in the course and a minimal score (≥60%) on each high stakes examination in the course.
  2. Written and practical examinations can be separately managed and remediated with approval from the Associate Dean for Preclinical Medical Education.
  3. The breakpoint for the Honors grade is 90% for all preclinical courses. Students may also need to meet an attendance requirement to be eligible for the grade of Honors.
  4. Grading standards must be clearly outlined in course syllabi.



  1. Retests should be of similar format and difficulty to the original failed examination(s).
  2. Students must achieve an average grade of ≥60% on high stakes examinations in a course in order to be eligible for a retest in that course.


Retaking courses in the Summer Semester

  1. Students may be allowed to repeat failed courses (typically over the summer semester) in order to stay on track with their cohort. Such repeat courses must have the same content as the OUWB course offered during the Fall or Winter semesters, or a similar course offered by another LCME-accredited U.S. medical school. All courses taken at another medical school to remediate a failed required course in the OUWB curriculum must be approved by the OUWB course directors from the corresponding course at OUWB and the Associate Dean for Preclinical Medical Education.
  2. Students may be allowed to repeat multiple courses over the summer semester, but cannot repeat more than two (2) four-week courses.
  3. All remediation courses must be successfully completed for the student to be promoted to the next academic year and allowed to enroll the next semester.
  4. No retests of a remediation course will be offered.

Progress to the Winter Semester

  1. Students may not outright fail more than two (2) courses in the fall semester and be allowed to progress to the winter semester (i.e., a student may not post more than two failing grades prior to the fall retest period and be allowed to progress to the winter semester).
  2. Students cannot fail two (2) courses in the same discipline in the M1 fall semester and be allowed to progress to the winter semester (i.e., a student cannot fail both BFCP 1 and BFCP 2 or fail both AFCP 1 and AFCP 2).


High stakes examination - A summative examination that must be passed in order to pass the course.

Written examination - An examination composed of questions (multiple choice, short answer, or essay) which may be delivered in a written or online format.

Practical examination - A laboratory-based summative examination which may involve questions requiring students to demonstrate knowledge of specimens and/or images of specimens.

Similar format and difficulty - An assessment instrument with a level of difficulty and question type that approximates the format and difficulty of the original examination.