21 OUWB students inducted into national medical society
Man and woman shaking hands, smiling at the camera
M4 Timothy Hewitt with Pamela Benitez, M.D., AOA Delta Chapter Councilor, Secretary

This year, 21 OUWB M4 students received induction into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, an international society recognizing students, alumni and faculty who dedicate themselves to the medical profession. 

When choosing nominees, the AOA selection committee considers several factors including academic standing, leadership, professionalism, ethics, and a commitment to service.

About 3,500 people are inducted into this society each year. Among those honored are two of OUWB’s inducted students: Lauren Foster and Timothy Hewitt.

“To me, this signifies that, in order to be a good physician, I need to continue to practice in each of these realms and strike a balance between the different pillars,” Foster says.

Induction into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society is a lifelong honor, and both Foster and Hewitt see their membership benefitting them as they move into their careers as physicians.

“Being a member of AOA will give me the opportunity to meet and interact with other leaders in the field, providing the opportunity to learn from one another and encourage each other in our endeavors,” Foster says.

Hewitt adds: “Membership in AOA will follow me throughout my career in medicine, and it allows for future colleagues and employers to know that my commitment to the values of the medical profession started from the very beginning of my training,”

Wise advice

To students who hope to one day be inducted, the two advise to be driven by passion and curiosity.

“Don’t just pick up activities because you feel that you need them for an AOA application or residency applications,” Hewitt says. “Instead, take the time to self-reflect, then pursue opportunities that allow you to express your passions while improving the community around you.”

Fellow 2018 inductees include Khashayar Arianpour, Blake Bartholomew, Peter Chen, Matthew Drogowski, Sara Dykowski, Subhash Edupuganti, Barbara Gordon, Allison Gurney-McMaster, Timothy Leif Helland, Simi Jandu, Derek Leale, Brandon Nguyen, Felix Orelaru, Shelby Potkin, Joshua Powell, Amandeep Sawana, Catherine Tarantine, Nicholas Von Schrott, and Kevin Weisz.

group of medical students in formal attire, posing for a photo
Congratulations to the 2018 AOA inductees!