Hye joins OUWB Department of Foundational Medical Studies, teaches pharmacology

An image of Tanvirul HyeSimply put, Tanvirul Hye, Ph.D., says he thrives in environments where there are smart, ambitious people — and that’s precisely why he wanted to join the OUWB Department of Foundational Medical Studies.

Today, Hye is an assistant professor and teaches pharmacology.

He joined OUWB earlier this year, having immediately prior served as a faculty member at Texas Tech University Health Science Center of School of Pharmacy (TTUHSC SOP).

Hye also has big plans for his position at OUWB.

“My top priority is to maintain the highest level of standard of pharmacology teaching,” he said. “Number two, I plan to do research so that I can contribute to OUWB’s efforts to maintain its prestige.”

Hye earned bachelor and master degrees from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. For about four years Hye worked as a brand executive for a pharmaceutical company, also in Bangladesh.

In 2011, Hye came to the U.S., where he went on to earn a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo. (One of his mentoring Ph.D. committee members was Luca Cucullo, Ph.D., a professor who joined OUWB in 2020.)

Further, he received training in nanoparticulate-based drug delivery during his doctoral studies to treat cancers.

Hye said he is drawn to the field of pharmacology because he is fascinated by the mechanisms of medicine, i.e., how drugs work.

“Pharmacology requires a wide range of knowledge…not only how the drugs work and for what indication, it’s also important to know the safety of the drugs,” he said.

“The right dose can cure a patient; at the wrong dose, it can kill a patient.”

Before joining OUWB, Hye served as an assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at TTUHSC SOP.

Hye taught diverse subject matters in the PharmD curriculum that included biochemistry, principles of drug action, pharmacotherapy of infectious disease, respiratory disease, pharmacokinetics, and clinical correlations.

Hye also served on various school committees such as student affairs and progression committees and several faculty search committees. As a faculty member at TTUHSC, he mentored PharmD students for their professional and academic development. 

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Hye said “interacting with the students” is the primary reason he is drawn to work in a university setting.

“I take pride in enhancing student learning and explaining different abstract concepts of pharmacology to the students,” he said.

Additionally, Hye has been published several times. Recent publications explore the roles of sex hormones, as well as immunological and genetic differences in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) development and progression.

His current research interest focuses on pathobiology and pharmacology of cardiopulmonary diseases and pharmacokinetic analysis of biologics, small and large molecules.

Hye said that he’s encouraged about his future at OUWB, especially in light of the way that he has been received.

“I’m really excited,” he said. “I feel that all of the faculty are very nice and they have given me a warm welcome…I already feel like I am part of the team.”

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