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Management & Marketing

School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

From organizational and consumer behavior and strategic management, policies and strategies, to international business, and legal and ethical studies, Oakland University students benefit from the vast range of expertise the management and marketing faculty offer.

The management and marketing department covers three clusters: marketing; organization behavior/human resource management; and management. Within the management cluster, there are three areas: strategic management/policies and strategies; international business; and legal and ethical studies.

Oakland University’s Human Resource Management program is certified by the National Society of Human Resource Management.

Please see the School of Business Administration Faculty/Staff Directory for more information, including office location, link to personal web pages and more.


Name Email Phone
Janell Townsend, Chair townsend@oakland.edu (248) 370-2544
Lizabeth Barclay barclay@oakland.edu (248) 370-3293
Malika Chaudhuri mchaudhuri@oakland.edu (248) 370-2842
Caitlin Demsky cademsky@oakland.edu (248) 370-2122
Molly Gagnon mgagnon2@oakland.edu (248) 370-2123
Michael Greiner mgreiner@oakland.edu (248) 370-4981
Brandon Gustafson bgustafson@oakland.edu (248) 370-3290
Michelle Hammond michellehammond@oakland.edu (248) 370-4043
Joy (Ruihua) Jiang jiang@oakland.edu (248) 370-2832
Hanna Kalmanovich-Cohen hkcohen@oakland.edu (248) 370-4283
Jae Hyeung Kang kang@oakland.edu (248) 370-4093
Jaemin Kim jaeminkim@oakland.edu (248) 370-4978
John Kim kim@oakland.edu (248) 370-3297
Yan Ling yling@oakland.edu (248) 370-3286
Steven Liu sliu3@oakland.edu (248) 370-3299
Cynthia Miree miree@oakland.edu (248) 370-2833
Charles Pierce capierce@oakland.edu (248) 370-2957
Mohan Pisharodi pisharod@oakland.edu (248) 370-3540
Steven Stanton stantonii@oakland.edu (248) 370-4979
Jennifer Cordon Thor thor@oakland.edu (248) 370-4091
Greg Thrasher thrasher@oakland.edu (248) 370-3295
Kenneth York york@oakland.edu (248) 370-3272

Special Lecturers

Arnold Braver
Frank Cardimen
Zeynep Emden
Francine Guice
Daniel Lake
Denise Lanfear
Kelley Lovati
Roberta (Robin) Michel
Linda Watza

Professors Emeriti

Daniel Braunstein
John W. Henke
Ravi Parameswaran
Howard S. Schwartz