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Management & Marketing

The Management and Marketing Department hosts three distinct areas/clusters: the marketing area, the organization behavior/human resources management area and the management cluster. The management cluster consists of three distinct areas: strategic management/policies and strategies, international business, and legal and ethical studies. The department boasts a range of experiences and backgrounds from organization behavior, strategic management/policies and strategies, to legal and ethical studies, and international business.

Oakland University’s Human Resources Management program is certified by the National Society of Human Resource Management.
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Janell Townsend
Department Chair

Jenifer Wieske
Office Assistant
440 Elliott Hall
(248) 370-3279

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Janell Townsend, 370-2544
Lizabeth Barclay
(248) 370-3293
Tianxu Chen
(248) 370-3290
Caitlin 370-2122
Brandon Gustafson
(248) 370-3290
Michelle Hammond
(248) 370-4043
John W. Henke, Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Frederick Hoffman
(248) 370-4978
Joy (Ruihua) Jiang
(248) 370-2832
Jae Kang 370-4093
John Kim 370-3297
Daniel 370-2717
Karen 370-4981
Cynthia Miree-Coppin
(248) 370-2833
Ravi Parameswaran 370-3299
Mohan Pisharodi 370-3540
Kim Serota 370-3286
Diana 370-3265
Steven 370-4979
Jennifer Thor 370-4091
Greg Thrasher 370-3295
Kenneth 370-3272
Wonjoo 370-4283