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Business Analytics Minor
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Business Analytics

Business Analytics Minor
With a minor in Business Analytics, you will explore a range of quantitative and computational techniques that have wide use in today’s data-driven business world. Analytics includes things like statistical analysis, data visualization, mathematical modeling, management science, data mining, predictive analytics, data science, econometrics, scientific computing, data preparation and cleaning, data warehousing and business intelligence. Since these high demand skills can be applied in numerous business domains, a Minor in Business Analytics is appropriate for students in any business discipline. This minor is open to all majors.


Business Analytics is the creative use of data (big and small and everything in between), statistics, mathematical modeling, databases, spreadsheets, and computing technology to generate business insights and support managerial decision making throughout and organization.

It combines business knowledge with analytical expertise to tell important stories using the vast amount of data produced by companies today.

Use business analytics to explore, analyze, visualize, simulate, predict and optimize.

The minor is intended for quantitatively and technically strong students in any major interested in developing business and data analytics skills. Such skills are in HIGH demand in the marketplace.



A minor in business analytics can complement almost any major. Some examples are noted below.

How can we predict which customers are likely to buy certain car models?
How can we use social media data to segment our customer base?

Can we detect accounting fraud through analysis of detailed financial statements and transaction data?

What is the probability that this project has a positive rate of return?
How can I visualize the performance of my investment portfolio?

Human Resources Management
How can we predict which employees are likely to defect to a competitor or to be a superstar within our company?

Management Information Systems
We need a dashboard that shows key business performance metrics in an easy to understand format.

Operations Management
What is the most effective way to schedule our call center staff or to design our new distribution center?


Analytics eZine

Open access Moodle sites for MIS 443/546 and MIS 447

Special issue of Business Intelligence Journal for business analytics students

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS

Contact the minor coordinator Mark Isken at

See Professor Isken's full presentation (pdf) for students considering a Business Analytics minor.