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Qunfeng Liao

Title: Associate Professor of Accounting
Office: 421 Elliott Hall
Phone: (248) 370-4289
Email: liao@oakland.edu

University of Texas at Arlington (Ph.D. Accounting)

Teaching Interest:
Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Accounting

Research Interest:
Financial accounting and capital markets, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility

Dr. Liao holds a Ph.D. in Accounting with a minor in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has publications in Review of Accounting Studies, Accounting Horizons, and Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, among others. She serves as an editorial board member for the International Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Performance Evaluation.

SBA Journal Award, SBA, Oakland University, 2022

Top Cited Article 2020-2021, European Financial Management, 2022

URC Summer Research Fellowship, Oakland University, 2022

SBA Journal Award, SBA, Oakland University, 2021

SBA Journal Award, SBA, Oakland University, 2020

Excellent Presentation, 9th International Conference on Business and Economics Research (ICBER), 2019

SBA Journal Award, SBA, Oakland University, 2019

Distinguished Paper Award, American Accounting Association Southwest Regional Meeting, 2014

Journals and Articles:
Liao, Q. , Srinidhi, . B., Wang, K. (2023). Do family firms issue more readable annual reports? Evidence from the United States. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance. 1-31

Liao, Q. , Ouyang, B. , Tang, Y. (2023). The impact of executive ethnic diversity on real earnings management. Accounting Horizons. 37(4), 1-27. SSRN Top 10 List in August-September 2023

Bhattacharya, N. , Christensen, T. E., Liao, Q. , Ouyang, B. (2022). Can short sellers constrain opportunistic non-GAAP earnings reporting?. Review of Accounting Studies. 27(2), 391-440 (Lead article)

Kang, M. , Kim, Y. , Liao, Q. (2020). Do bankers on the board reduce crash risk?. European Financial Management. 26(3), 684-723

Srinidhi, B. , Liao, Q. (2020). Family firms and crash risk: Alignment and entrenchment effects. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics. 16(2), 1-24

Fortsch, S. M., Liao, Q. (2019). Decreasing operational costs of non-profit community-based blood centres. International Journal of Business and Systems Research. 13(4), 419-437

Liao, Q. , Ouyang, B. (2019). Shareholder litigation risk and real earnings management: a causal inference. Review Of Accounting and Finance. 18(4), 557-588

Liao, Q. , Ouyang, B. (2017). Organized labor, corporate governance, and stock price crash risk. Review of Accounting and Finance. 16(4), 424-443

Liao, Q. , Mehdian, S. , Rezvanian, R. (2017). An examination of investors reaction to the announcement of CoCo bonds issuance: a global outlook. Finance Research Letters. 22(August), 58-65

Liao, Q. , Mehdian, S. (2016). Measuring financial distress and predicting corporate bankruptcy: an index approach. Review of Economics and Business Studies. 9(1), 33-51

Liao, Q. , Mehdian, S. , Stephens, J. (2016). The Impact of the 2008 global financial crisis on the structure of transmission of price innovations across financial markets: the case of Southeast Asian equity markets. Scientific Annals of Economics and Business. 62(2), 195-208

Ho, L. , Liao, Q. , Taylor, M. (2015). Real and accrual-based earnings management in the pre- and post-IFRS periods: evidence from China. Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting. 26(3), 294-335

School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)