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School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

Stinson Center Reservation Guidelines

234 Elliott Hall


To check availability, contact Debra Billings in the SBA Dean’s Office Suite, EH 427C. Debra can also be reached at (248) 370-2838, or by email dbillings@oakland.edu. First priority for the room is always reserved for SBA students and SBA student organizations. Approval for events that are not student-related will be left to the discretion of the SBA Dean’s Office.

Room Capacity

The room consists of a removal glass wall partition that allows for two separate meeting spaces. Please convey whether you would like the partition opened or closed.

  • Capacity with partition open - 35
  • Capacity with partition closed (east side) – 24
  • Capacity with partition closed (west side) – 12-15

Use of Room

A sign will be placed on the Stinson Center door two hours prior to an event notifying students that the room will not be available.

The room may be arranged to suit the needs of your event. The room should be left as it was found, with tables and chairs returned to their original formation.

If your reservation for the Stinson Center includes the serving of food, it is your responsibility to thoroughly clean the room following your event. If you are not serving food, please use discretion when allowing participants to bring their own food. Responsibilities relating to cleaning the room following an event include and are not limited to:

  • wiping tables and chairs with cleaner or disinfectant
  • remove trash bags (with food) from room and take to bin located near EH 237
  • if Chartwells is providing food for your event, please stress the removal of all food related items immediately following

Technology Support

Limited IT set up and support are available in the Stinson Center. If additional IT equipment is needed for your event, it may be necessary to reserve a different room.

System Control Panel: A Security Code is required to turn on the system, and will be provided if needed

Network Logins: Use ADMNET or SBA Login

Software Ready: I.E., Antivirus, Office Suite 2010, Adobe Reader, Internet

IT Check List

  • IT walkthru at least 24 hours BEFORE events
  • PC and Projector
  • Wireless Presentation Pointer (in EH 213)
  • TV and Projector
  • Skype account (personal account or SBA)
  • Webcam for Skype (in EH 213)
  • Microphone for Skype (in EH 213)
  • Files from flash drives or download from e-mails